Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lieberman's last stand

Joe, you CAN'T be serious?!?

The soon-to-be-retiring junior Senator from Connecticut has delivered a speech that will define his 18-year career and his legacy. And it's full of half-truths and false assertions. From T.Party's post at LamontBlog:

The New York Times describes Joe's speech tonight as a last-ditch effort that was hotly debated within his own campaign, and hastily re-written up until it was given minutes ago:
The speech, which was added to Mr. Lieberman’s schedule at the last minute, represents a very late attempt by Mr. Lieberman before Tuesday’s election to neutralize or at least limit the threat that his support for the war poses to his re-nomination.

Mr. Lieberman’s advisers said their campaign had been divided on whether the senator should confront his critics head-on and defend his position on the war with new, more pointed language or stick to his game plan of defending himself when the matter arose with reporters or voters.

As late as Saturday night, the advisers said, it was not certain that Mr. Lieberman would deliver the speech. But aides were furiously writing and rewriting it by this afternoon...
Except there is nothing new about Iraq in this speech. Just more of the same. More equivocation and lack of leadership, like he showed on ABC this morning when he sheepishly called Iraq both "better and worse":
It is better now…it, it, it’s better and worse if you’ll allow me to put it that way.
In fact, the only note this speech contains (full prepared text via Steve Gilliard) the same exact note Lieberman has been hitting since day one - projection.

* The candidate who has outraised and outspent his opponent 2-to-1 says:
Sadly, my opponent has done his best to distort my record, spending at least $4 million of his own money to mislead people into thinking that I am someone I am not.
* The candidate who has continually used tactics worthy of Karl Rove offensively claims:
Not unlike what happened to Max Cleland four years ago.
* The candidate who has avoided talking substantively about the issues the entire race, focusing instead on personal attacks against his opponent (even in radio ads airing today), whines:
The more I have talked to voters in these closing days, the more I am concerned they have been shortchanged in this campaign.... Instead of having an honest discussion about your future, we’re getting negative politics at its worst.
* The candidate who has argued for months that his opponent was actually a Republican, and who even said today that his opponent was a "center-right Democrat," confusingly asserts:
That’s something that separates me from my opponent – I don’t hate Republicans. I know that some times the best way to get things done in the Senate for my constituents is through bipartisan cooperation.
* And finally, the candidate who will not commit to abiding by the decision of Connecticut Democrats on Tuesday says:
If after hearing the truth about where I stand on Iraq, you still want to cast your vote solely on that one issue, then I respect your decision.
(This is an interesting secondary definition of the word "respect," one that Sen. Lieberman uses often: "to screw over while pretending to care about.")

One more last-ditch effort from a flailing, haphazard campaign. A campaign which, at it's core, has not been about any issues, but about one thing and one thing only: defending incumbency and retaining power at any cost.

We'll find out on Tuesday if it worked.

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Melina said...

Its interesting how Joe is backpedaling so furiously....worse that the interview that we saw with George stephenopoulos this morning on This Week was taped days ago, therefore the distancing from his previous stance was happening for a while in that no pol like Joe makes that sorta flip flop without alot of study, consultation, and internal debate.
Say alot of things about Joe, but one thing that Ive sort of admired is that he has stood by his guns and his belief in this war, his votes, and his support of Bush.
To see him back off in such a strange, uncomfortable, and clumsy way, is just sad....Desperation is pretty ugly in someone who should go down with the ship if he really is who he pretends to be!

I take exception to the attitude that the dems of CT cant make up their own minds about things, and I take exception to Joe trying to smear Ned with lies and the idea that some prior political experience is necessary to run for office. Who is this guy?...well, he has been pretty well vetted and they havent found much bad so far, so I would just move along like we always do...
But I really take exception to Joe telling us to be frightened in general.
As I wrote on my blog this morning, its Rovian spin at its worst to try to scare people away from the unknown...But being scared of the unknown and playing it safe is downright UnAmerican....especially when the "safe" alternative has proven to not only be unsafe, but damned dangerous!!

After talking to a few of my neighbors while making calls at Ned's Norwalk office today, I can see that the message of "be very afraid" has gotten through to some people...and people are very confused because Joe is just not who he was.
We need a change, and this race reflects what is going on across the country (to some extent relative to where the races are.) People hate this war and just cant understand why Joe has decided not to reflect his constituency anymore.
If Joe is so devoted to his platform, why doesnt he move to a party with a constituency that also supports that view? There is a spot available over there, and there is no reason not to go.
Very sad, is all I can say.
Very nice post Bob....
Thanks for the info, because I missed everything today after the morning pol shows...and Im listening to FUBAR in the car (I highly recommend it!) as a way to avoid the ...Sattelite sisters or whatever great new programming decisions have been made by the ding dongs at Air America.