Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ned is 100% on message during the last 48 hours

Ned appeared at the Orange Volunteer Firefighter's Carnival today. A large media group was there, and dozens of Lamont supporters were in tow. Several of the media who'd been with the campaign for weeks complained to me that it's getting more difficult to get a clear view of Ned because there were so many more reporters following him around now.

CNN's senior political correspondent Candy Crowley asked Ned some questions before he toured the grounds. Ned is looking more and more "statesmanlike" as he enters the final 2 days of the campaign. Here's the video, nice and toasty fresh.


Anonymous said...

You could tell the way she put her hand out to shake at the end that she was impressed. Ned has the message down. He dodged all the bullets and showed this is bigger than politics, it's aabout our future.

CTBob, excellent work. You get all the good stuff. So you really think it's worth coming up (250 miles each way for me)? They still need people?

CT Bob said...

anon, thanks. And yes, I'm pretty sure they need the help. Call the numbers on my post from earlier today to volunteer and find an office that needs you the most (and is the most convenient for you).

Lieberman has a ton of paid kids out there canvassing like crazy; he's got tons of K Street money to pay for it. Lamont relies much more heavily on volunteers. You will make a difference if you can be here.

And if I know you, please let me know who you are. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Two more days of Happy, Insufferable, Aggressive, Interrogation.

Bring it home for us, Bob. The world's counting on you!

Anonymous said...

OK, thanks, Bob. I will try to make it Mon. night and work all day Tuesday.

And no, you don't know me. I'm just a fan. I've been following along closely and wishing all along I could be up there too! It looks like a lot of fun in addition to being the most significant election since 2000, imo.

cgg said...

Lamont has grown leaps and bounds since entering this race. It's been something to watch him blossom.

caia said...

Wow. Color me impressed. Lamont neatly diffused all the obfuscating spin on what his campaign means, and was so good-natured and respectful about it. He seemed real and thoughtful. For Candy Crowley, (who in 2000 was nearly in tears on air when it looked like Gore was winning Florida – which he was), to shake his hand? Well done.