Sunday, August 06, 2006

Get Out The Vote!

I know it's a lovely day, but we really need people helping the campaign. If you have a couple hours to spare, contact one of these Lamont campaign offices and offer to help.

Joe Lieberman has all sorts of Lobbyist's money to spend on hired mercenaries; Ned Lamont refuses to take a penny from people like Richard Goodstein.

Ned needs YOUR help now!

We need your help phone banking and canvassing down-the-stretch. If you want to phone bank, just show up to the closest field office in Connecticut. If you are willing to canvass, let the field office know you’ll be stopping by our indomitable staff will prepare concise maps for your use. (link)

1st CD (Hartford/West Hartford Offices): Tina Harrington – (860) 523 9238
2nd CD (New London/Willimantic Offices): Katie Martin – (860) 456 1316
3rd CD (New Haven Office): Eddie Vale – (203) 772 2405
4th CD (Norwalk Office): Ryan McLeod – (203) 979 6094
5th CD (Watertown Office): Rachel Koteen – (860) 274 4957


sen. bob said...

Bob - so far, I have 58 positive votes for Ned on my list. I was taught (many years ago) that everybody knows at least 50 people. I've used that idea over and over. Oh - 3 of my friends are voting for Joe.

Women that I have asked to sign absentee ballots for Ned have been supportive. They HATE the war!

CT Bob said...

Bob, that's AWESOME! Great work!

We really need to GOTV as much as possible, and it's these kind of things that really helps.