Friday, August 04, 2006

Shame on you!

Oh boy.

I knew that when things got desperate for Senator Lieberman, his campaign staff would go to some lengths to cause some trouble for Ned Lamont.

Let's face it. We knew it would happen. But I expected things like various types of slurs, half-truths, and outright lies to be spoon-fed to the Mainstream Media (MSM).

I never expected them to lose complete control of themselves and start acting like hoodlums.

Years ago, I took pride in the fact that my senator was Joe Lieberman. I've voted for him repeatedly.

Now...I've never been more ashamed of that fact.

And you can count on those of us in the People Powered Media (PPM) to be there FROM NOW ON to document these thuggish tactics on honest people who want to support their next Senator.

People are getting HURT, and we need to make sure those responsible are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There will be cameras at every Lamont appearance from here on in.

Word to the Lieberman Campaign: It's a dumb and very damaging way to generate publicity for your rapidly failing hero. Wake up now before you really screw up.

Your "kids" are getting dangerous.

From a Lamont Campaign press release:
Lamont Campaign Decries "Paid Hooligans"

STATEWIDE - Two events on US Senate challenger Ned Lamont's schedule today were disrupted by representatives of Senator Joe Lieberman, when they tried to remove signs from Lamont supporters and drown out remarks by the Rev. Jesse Jackson in Middletown and disrupt Mr. Lamont's stop for a meal at Ted's Hamburgers in Meriden.

"I'm disgusted that a United States Senator would use paid hooligans to attempt to disrupt our events and incite violence in this way," Campaign Manager Tom Swan said.

The representatives shouted from across the street of a Lamont rally in Middletown Thursday afternoon, in an attempt to drown out the words of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who was endorsing Lamont as he accepted the endorsement of the Machinists' union. Later, at Ted's in Meriden, they crowded the small restaurant and attempted to disrupt the event, flowing Lamont and his supporters outside.

"This is a sign of a desperate politician trying to cling to power," Swan continued. "There is no excuse for this kind of behavior when we should be discussing the issues that matter to Connecticut residents. The Lamont campaign has always been about the issues - and we will continue to focus on those issues. We hope that the opposition will join us in a civil campaign as we approach Democratic primary vote on Tuesday."


sunrunner said...

This is classic Atwater-Rove stuff. Make the raqce so vile and nasty and confusing that people say a pox on all your houses and voter turnout is suppressed.

Anonymous said...

The LA Times scored an interview with the ringleader.,0,1821410.story?coll=la-headlines-politics

Lamont also met Richard Goodstein, a friend and supporter of Lieberman's who had waited in the diner for the chance to confront him. As Lamont greeted supporters, Goodstein loudly accused him of unfairly smearing Lieberman.

"I take this all very personally — A, because of my affection for Lieberman; and B, because of my commitment to the prospects of Democrats nationally," said Goodstein, 57, a lawyer.

"I think Ned Lamont has the potential to do grievous harm to the Democrats."

Google away people. I think he might be a lobbyist.

Anonymous said...

i posted this on lamont's blog, but can't find it now.

the richard goodstein mentioned there IS the 50 year old who 'refuted' the charges that joe took walmart money, has been following lieberman's campaign around, was a gore-lieberman adviser, and according to the palm beach post, a "democrat lawyer-lobbyist".

no wonder he doesn't want joe to go.

the meriden paper ID'd him and an 'alex hoffman' (sic?) from boston.

Ben said...

This is amazing, Bob. Wow.

Hey, my Letter to the Editor made the Norwich Bulletin!

mui said...

Bob, I fear it will get worse. Hope not. But now that Lieberman is busing college repuvillans in . . . It seems that Lieberman thinks CT primaries are suitable for frat party bullyboy antics.

Kelley said...

CT Bob:

I love this blog, although I'm not a Connecticut resident. I'm closely following the Lamont campaign since I believe he represents the progressive values the Democratic party has long since lost. If he's elected, I hope he'll provide the spine the Dems have long since lost!!

In any case, Tuesday, August 8th, the primary in your state, is also my birthday. I would deem it a great personal favor if the folks in Connecticut would hand Ned Lamont a victory in that primary. Give me the gift I want the most!!

Go Ned!!!

Frank Krasicki said...

Goodstein may be a lobbyist as identified in the House records;

Even more curiously, this guy may be coming out of the DLC - a Richard Goodstein worked for the Clintons and shows up on Fox news quotes.

This has the potential to be some nasty stealth politics.

- Frank Krasicki

Anonymous said...

same richard goodstein...

Harriet said...

Ben, loved your letter!
Thanks Bob for your commitment to always have a camera on at Ned's events. Hopefully that will make some of these Lieberthugs scatter when they know they'll be caught in the act!

Anonymous said...

The lead Lieberman heckler (Goodstein) turns out to be a Lieberman Lobbyist.

And, this story is blowing wide open.

Anonymous said...

So on the one hand, we have Lieberman hiring lobbyist thugs to disrupt rallies, getting help from the College Republicans and other hired hands, putting out a racist flyer and a phony Lamont bumper sticker, and all the other nasty things we've documented as time goes by.

Oh, but look over there! Bloggers! Bloggers!

It's not working anymore

Anonymous said...

lieberman must be taking ques from the ChimpCo campaign. he must think, "if it worked for Georgie, must work for me!"

one question: just how low can you go, joe?