Sunday, August 09, 2009

The $1200 Haircut

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In an Associated Press news story today, South Carolina governor Mark Sanford has been accused of possibly using state aircraft for personal and political trips, in violation of state guidelines.

As the AP has become such dicks about people quoting from their precious stories (wishing to sue if someone quotes as little as FIVE words from one of their stories, in direct conflict with Fair Use specifications), I'm not going to do so here.

Plus, I'm not going to link to their shitty news service, either. Reuters rules! Go to for news that doesn't come with extreme suckitude attached to it!

Sanford, who recently generated headlines when his purported Appalachian hiking trip ended somewhere off the map and between the thighs of an Argentinian floozy, has made much of his penny-pinching ways, even demanding that state employees use both sides of Post-It notes.

Well, it appears that the governor used a state airplane to pick him up from a personal trip in Myrtle Beach to deliver him to his favorite cut-rate barber. At an estimated cost of $ 1,265.

When you consider how much was made of another philanderer's pricey haircut (the very disappointing John Edwards and his $400 haircut), well I expect we'll be hearing nothing but haircut stories from Fox News for the next, oh, week or so. Right? Eh, maybe not.

Look, I'm all for fiscal responsibility. Can we maybe buy John Edwards' barber a ticket to come to Columbia S.C. for Sanford? Because I'd guess the good people of South Carolina will save at least $500 per haircut for as long as Sanford remains governor.

Five hundred bucks can buy a shitload of Post-It notes.


JTHM said...

Hypocritical politicans, oh theres news.

West Haven Bob said...

NON-hypocritical politicians DON'T make the News...