Wednesday, August 05, 2009

GOP and Teabaggers to disrupt Murphy today

I just got a tip that Republican extremists plan to disrupt Rep. Chris Murphy's "Congress on Your Corner" event today in Simsbury. These people will be using the guise of "free speech" to shout down the congressman and attempt to put an end to the free speech of anyone else who doesn't share their rabid hatred of anything Democratic.

They aren't interested in sharing ideas or engaging in an informative dialog. All they want to do is use thuggish hooliganism and fascist tactics to eliminate free speech (except their own).
Citizens should try to attend this event to let Murhpy (sic) understand the damage being wrought on our nation by the irresponsible actions of Congress. I hope as many of us citizens that can make it will attend. Please consider taking time off from work if necessary.
Yeah, that's going to help the economy!

Their activities are endorsed and actively encouraged by Connecticut GOP Party Chairman, Chris Healy.

Please show up today to support Rep. Murphy, especially if you have a video camera. Don't worry about editing the video. If you get anything noteworthy on tape, we'll arrange to get it to me and I'll post it on the internet for you; with or without attribution, your choice.

We need to shine a national spotlight on these deranged and dangerous individuals, who will stop at nothing to destroy your rights!

Here's the 411:
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Stop & Shop
498 Bushy Hill Rd
If you attend, do not confront the extremists directly. Simply observe and report. Get clear views of who is doing what, especially if they break any laws. But protect your own safety and avoid direct confrontation with those lunatics. Use your judgment. Good luck!


Nopartisan said...

These clowns use the exact tactics that hitler's goons did in early 1930's Germany. A democracy has strength in discussion of ideas, not shouting down those with whom you disagree. They really appear to be afraid healthcare reform will be sucessful. Chris Healy and the other "leaders" of the republicans should be ashamed for depriving citizens of their right to a thoughtful polite debate about the average persons main fear, (inability to pay for medical treatment). Their willingness to put political gain above a person's ability to access healthcare coverage is disgusting and republicans should get rid of them. I remind people that insurance companies will dump you regardless of your political views while assclowns like healy and other anti reform politicians will always have the best coverage paid by the public.

West Haven Bob said...

Nopartisan is absolutely right...and the analogy given frighfully all too apt.

For as much as these teabaggers & co. enjoy placing the "socialist" on President Obama and his supporters, the tactics they have adopted are straight from the Brownshirts' playbook.

(Incidentally, Bob, I think your image of the putsch may be in error: I recall that the flared Wehrmacht helmets were not introduced: (a) into the Nazis' private armies until 1930, and (b) into the Wehrmacht until 1933. This might be a picture after the burning of the Reichstag, in 1933.)

CT Bob said...

You're probably right; blame Wikipedia...I searched on "beer hall putsch" and got that.

West Haven Bob said...

I always Google & click "images"

Mike said...


although shouting may not be the best way to go about it, i don't think that american citizens voicing legitimate grievances (government overspending, socializing health care, violating the constitution etc), to their elected representatives, deserve to be called thuggish hooligans, teabaggers, and fascists do you?

if these people were physically attacking people, rioting in the streets, destroying property, then i could agree with you. but they are not. they are peacefully protesting, albeit loudly. whats wrong with that? thats democracy!

as a non fascist and a non hooligan, wouldnt it be be better for you to calmly debate the issues instead of calling people silly names?

Nopartisan said...

Mike: That's the whole point! These guys won't have a civil discourse, they yell, disrupt, carry posters with stupid little slogans on them and continue to lie about healthcare reform. Uh duh Granny will will have to die because of government rationed care. Guess what idiots, the private insurance industry does that to young and old americans every day. Uh duh I never will get sick or grow old nor anyone in my family so my insurance will never drop my coverage, yep keep on telling youselves that from the looks of a lot of the disrupters they sure as hell ain't no monuments to healthy lifestyles. Uh duh I don't want no government beaurecrat deciding on my healthcare decisions, as opposed to an insurance industry which has a huge profit as a motive to refuse coverage. To all opposed to healthcare reform: Just curious if your company or insurance provider dropped you what would you do? Getting a new provider won't happen at least at a rate you can afford because you being dropped means another company thought you were an expensive risk. At that point a public option would look really good to you. Look down the road the runaway truck that is healthcare cost could hit you at any time and as I said yesterday it won't matter WHAT your politics are, only if you will be a burden on the insurance companies bottom lines.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Kindly show us exactly where Healy has encouraged anything less than civil discourse - or stop fucking lying

Thank you!


Here is; word for word the email Healy sent out to his minions:


Murphy To Hit Stop N Shop Wedsnesday

Citizens can have a change to voice their displeasure with the proposed health care reforms efforts, (HB 3200) and other proposals offered by the Democrat-controlled Congress on Thursday in two different town hall meetings and a stop by at a local supermarket tomorrow.

U.S. Rep. Joseph Courtney, D-CT, will hold a town hall meeting at Woodstock Academy on Thursday, August 6th begriming at 6:30 p.m.

U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, D-CT, will hold his meeting at the Stamford Senior Center, 2nd Floor, 888 Washington Blvd, Stamford, on Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy, D-CT, will be visiting theStop N Shop Supermarket at 530 Bush Hill Road, Wednesday, August 5th from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.

This is a rare opportunity to get answers and offer a direct comment on this disastrous health care reform.

Some questions that might work, even though the bill has not been available on-line.

How does spending $1 trillion on health care make it cheaper?
If you are adding 50 million to health care, where are the doctors going to come from?

If Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are all going broke, how can government be expected to run a national health care system?

Why do support this plan when it will hurt pharmaceutical research by limiting payments for drugs that dries up research dollars?

Why should anyone have to pay taxes if they are not insured by the government?

How can you say it's not single payer when then government plan can print money to subsidize itself and private insurance can't?

Bring a video recorder, ask questions, be polite, but demand answers. You deserve them

Nopartisan said...

Being a leader has many obligations. One of the most important is to condemn behavior by ANYONE that shuts down public discourse. That includes those on your own side. To my knowledge Chris Healy has never condemned the tactics that we have all seen on news, you tube etc. It is all fine and good to tell your "minions" in an email to be polite, but not condemn PUBLICALLY the tactics used by some of those who rightly can be considered lunatics. When he had the chance Mr. Healy chose to play the freedom of speech card without condemning the excesses being displayed. We do have the right to speak out against that which we disagree with but not shouting down the other sides views. That behavior only prevents people from hearing both sides of a debate. Rather than focus on areas of true concern such as reducing the cost of healthcare in any reform package, they resort to the continued lies and distortions (euthanasia of old people) that sadly the republican party as a whole have adopted and any real concerns that need to be expressed about healthcare reform will be overshadowed by the shreikers and stupid little sign carriers.

JTHM said...

I fail to see what's wrong...
" ask questions, be polite, but demand answers. You deserve them"
GASP! how awful, demanding answers from your representive.
Astroturf ALERT! Astoturf ALERT!
Well dressed individuals show up to townhall meetings demanding answers, how dare they.

Nopartisan said...

Again the issue isn't those who act adult and raise serious points. The problem is with those who disrupt the meetings, usually with childish antics and stupid little signs.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Nopartisan said...

The problem is with those who disrupt the meetings, usually with childish antics and stupid little signs.

25 or 30 morons just as you describe showed up at a ZBA meeting I chaired ages ago.
Ranting and raving about how they would never vote for any of us again (it's an appointed, not an elected position)
They then handed in their petition.

We checked.

3 had voted in the previous local election, only 10 or so were even registered to vote at all; and of those only 7 had voted in the previous presidential election.

Idiots with signs are just that - idiots.
They're generally residents *not* citizens either.

Citizens vote.

Mike said...


yes, health care needs to be reformed, but it government interference that is the cause of its dysfunction. getting government out of it is the answer, not more of it. otherwise you go bankrupt.

it seems to me it's the government that doesn't want honest peaceful discourse.

"we have to do this fast."

"no time to know what we're voting on, no time for the public to see it either."

"anyone who is against this is racist tea bagging fascist nazi hooligan thug."

thats a classic con. demonize the opposition, create a sense of urgency. that's what the people are complaining about. that's why the people are angry. they WANT the government to stop and have a civil discourse first. but obama broke his promise, he didnt let the people see what new laws he was promoting and to get their feedback. he's devious. not that bush was any better or any other president in the last 100 years. they're all the same.

it took many years of reckless government interference to wreck our economy:

housing (fannie and freddie)
banking(the fed)
health care(medicare, medicaid)
retirement (social security)

it will take years to fix. there's no need to "go fast," it cant be fixed in a day or a month or even a year.

JTHM said...

and stupid little signs. Right.....and acting out in a otherwise silly manner. Democracy demands that no silly signs be posted. Well that's not entirely true, you can but your obviously a Nazi if you do.

CT Bob said...

Maybe it's one of my baser insticts, but I love how a little bit of reality is driving these guys absolutely batshit bonkers!

JTHM said...

a little bit of reality
How so?
It would be helpful if you clarified a statement with a reference or context.

Nopartisan said...

They can carry their stupid little signs with their stupid little slogans and outright lies if they want to, it is after all a democracy. But it don't change the fact that they are stupid little signs. Democracy allows the signs however Democracy DOES demand that all sides be heard, not one side shouting down and perpetuating lies about the subject at hand. And Mike the govermment's biggest failure over the past 10-20 years was it's hands off approach to what was going on in the financial world. Regulation IS needed where human greed can destroy the economy. And in the case of healthcare greed is destroying lives and our collective quality of life. I am usually center right politically on most issues but only a blind man could not see that real alternatives are needed for many economic issues. Financial, and healthcare sectors do need oversight. The protestors and republicans in general DON'T offer alternatives only business as usual. Free enterprise unrestricted will only destroy itself NOT lead to more prosperity. And it is both parties faults for the crap we are in now. The democrats at least are trying to make things better, but the republicans just seem to have this suicidal addiction to failed policies and rather than work with moderate democrats to craft a bill that would help americans without excessive spending, they seem only to want to do nothing.

West Haven Bob said...

Hey Bob - I got my own little neo-commie, now.

I guess I've ARRIVED!

CT Bob said...

Nice! They're great, because you can just insult them repeatedly and they keep coming back for more!