Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Howling Insanity of the Right

Apparently, whenever Republicans lose an election these days, they screech and rave like lunatics until nobody else can get a word in edgewise.

The new GOP is heartily behind these fascist tactics employed by the Teabaggers, where they go to town hall meetings and informational forums hosted by their elected representatives, and under the guise of "free speech", they shout down any attempt at a reasonable exchange of ideas.

Of course, while indulging in their contemptible display of brutish hatred, they are effectively obstructing the rights of many other voters who showed up to learn what their representatives think and to attempt to express their opinions. Because in a fascist movement, only those who belong to that particular movement are heard. Everyone else is crushed.

GOP Party Chairman Chris Healy endorses and encourages this behavior. Over at My Left Nutmeg yesterday, tparty (which is an internet handle that has suddenly become fraught with irony) discusses Healy's response to a Hartford Courant blog article:
In a comment in response to a post today on the Courant's Capitol Watch blog, Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy defended the right of crazed right-wing activists to attempt to shut down debate at town hall meetings with members of Congress across the state:
When everyday citizens, most of them who have never been politically active, indicate that they are going to take to streets and shout "enough!" It is somehow un-Democratic. Well, it's un-Democratic because we don't agree with the Democratic Party model - larger government, out-of-control spending and demonizing those who disagree.

Give it a rest. Let the people be heard. If leaders can't stand in front of those who sent them there and defend their positions, too bad. Maybe they should go back to Washington and realize that we are paying attention.
Chairman Healy and the Connecticut Republican Party are apparently now officially sanctioning the organized and potentially violent right-wing disruptions of town hall meetings in the coming days by the use of widely distributed anti-democratic tactics such as "yelling," "disrupting," and avoiding "intelligent debate".
With such counter-productive tactics being actively encouraged by the Republican Party, and repeatedly advocated by right-wing news organizations and talk radio, it's doubtful those citizens who want to actually engage in a constructive dialog with their representatives will even bother to show up. Nobody in their right mind wants to be subjected to a howling mob scene.

This type of thing has happened before in Connecticut. Back in 2006, Sen. Joe Lieberman's campaign indulged in very similar activities. When Ned Lamont appeared at Ted's Diner in Meriden for a campaign stop, he was confronted by shouting Lieberman volunteers, led by lobbyist thug Richard Goodstein

It happened again, this time at a senior citizen housing project in Hartford. When Ned Lamont showed up to speak to the seniors, he was confronted by a huge mob of screeching Lieberman employees and paid hooligans, who were instructed to "yell", "disrupt", and put a stop to "intelligent debate". They succeeded not only in doing just that, but they terrorized many of the senior citizens living there, many of whom didn't know what was going on and locked themselves inside their rooms.

Fortunately, the GOP's tactics are starting to backfire on them. Public opinion, expressed in editorials and blogs, is turning against their terrorist methods. People aren't stupid. They recognize fascist tactics and they're starting to object. The Republicans have lost so much in the last few years that they're pulling out all the stops in a desperate last-ditch effort to claim any sort of victory.

The Democratic National Committee has released a sixty-second spot, which exposes quite clearly the thuggish tactics encouraged by the Rabid Right:

ConnecticutMan1's footage of a Hartford rally was featured on MSNBC last night (well done, Stephen!):

Clearly, the Republican Party has lost all semblance of logic and restraint, and they've adopted the tactics used by another group of misguided people in the 1920s and 30s. It all started with a so-called "populist" movement that encouraged thug tactics and repression of any dissent from their own hard line.

"The Beer Hall Putsch" - Munich 1923

(don't worry, I'm not accusing them of being Nazis...not yet, anyway!)


claymonster said...

Although I think the complete shouting down of someone scheduled to speak somewhere is childish, these tactics were learned much more recently than Pre-Nazi Germany. It's the Left that has perfected this technique in just the past handful of years. YouTube is rife with examples. Whether its unfurling banners and chanting/shouting/singing until the mean ol' Republican leaves the forum, breaking and entering "as a form of non-violent protest", harassing actual non-violent protesters with epithets, threats, and other assorted swearing, even throwing pies...
"...lost all semblance of logic and restraint"? You've got to be kidding me. And don't get me started on this perpetuation of the the term "teabagger". There's no restraint or maturity in that one.
It's the "progressives" whose methods are being copied here. Just head to any college campus where a conservative is scheduled to speak. They'll be lucky to make it to the podium.
Apparently you only think this behavior is repressive, fascistic, and "terrorist" (really?) when it's exhibited by those whose ideology differs from your own.

CT Bob said...

This isn't college. This is the real world. We're not shouting you down, that's the difference. We encourage the dialog. When we ask questions and even use questionable language, we allow the GOPers to talk in response. All too often, they'll indict themselves with their own ill-chosen words.

Oh, and let's see how Al Gore's reception would be if he wanted to speak at Bob Jones University. College isn't a senior center, or a supermarket, or a town hall meeting. Use your head.

Anonymous said...

Teabagger meeting Monday night in Mystic (0.00 / 0)
There is an article in today's New London Day about Daria Novak, who wants to challenge Joe Courtney for Congress. It mentions that she is attending a teabagger meeting on Monday, August 10 at 7:00 p.m. in Mystic at the Mystic Fire House:
These people need to have a light shone on them. I can't attend, but someone should go with a video camera. Film these people, figure out who they are, argue with them.

West Haven Bob said...

Isn't it curious that on liberal blogs, all (or nearly all) viewpoints are allowed; but on the so-called "fair and balanced" sites, opinions differing from "accepted wisdom" are usually deleted.

Guess this is the real conservative vision of democracy.

CT Bob said...

Anonymous, your link didn't work. Please email it to me.

Anonymous said...

"People aren't stupid," you say.

I would say, "most people aren't stupid."

Those who can spend their evenings screaming about "keepin' dat dere dad burn, socialist gub'mint out of health care," while, at the same time, enjoying the benefits of Medicare, federal and state prescription drug coverage, and monthly Social Security payments, are stupid. Hopelessly, breathtakingly, awe-inspiringly, certifiably, stupid.

CT Bob said...

yeah, I should probably have included "most" in that sentence.

claymonster said...

College was only one of my examples. Just because at the moment the Left seems to be in lockstep on this unconstitutional takeover of the health care industry (which is the admitted end game being currently passed off as "health insurance reform") and isn't the side with the megaphones, banners, signs and 60's-era chants does not indicate insanity on the part of the Right. Conservatives have been shouted down time and time again. You might even get shoes thrown at you. I realize this is the real world. There are loonies on both sides who cannot abide a real debate. That was my point. I appreciate the space to vent a little.

CT Bob said...

Your point actually seems to have been yet another slam of health insurance reform disguised as an argument for free speech. At least, that's how I read it.

I wish I could understand people who are willingly doing the dirty work of the insurance companies; and who are just ONE job layoff from losing their health insurance.

I guess it's like smoking cigarettes; everyone who smokes is convinced they're NOT going to be the guy who gets lung cancer.

oldswede said...

CNN is reporting on the RNC response to the DNC adv. about the mobs. The oh so cute pre-adolescents at the RNC have rigged their switchboard so that anyone acting on the DNC suggestion to call the RNC and complain, gets rerouted to the DNC.
I bet the GOPers think that so hot, with their Paris H. mentality. Didn't they realize that even the MSM would pick on their shenanigans. This is not how to win friends and influence people.
See this:

West Haven Bob said...

Maybe the DNC should run the ad through November, 2012....