Sunday, August 23, 2009

Has He Got This One?

It was just a year ago, just after McCain and Palin had their convention bounce that this picture came out. When we were freaking out because Obama wasn't combative enough, and didn't respond to attacks...he had it.

I thought he was crazy to bring Hillary into the administration, but he had it.

Boy, do I hope he keeps up his record and that he has it for health care. I think that after Labor Day, it's time for him to tell Rs -- the train is leaving the station -- you can climb on, or wave goodbye.


Peter said...

My hope capacity is being tested. I am tired of hoping for long periods after the point where I thought he should do the do.

I look forward to looking back and seeing it was worth the wait. But this is getting ridiculous.

oldswede said...

The stall is Repo generated. They want you to lose hope. That's their plan. August is now the longest month.
If Congress is not in session, there really isn't much that can be done to push this program forward, so Obama's right to take trips and his vacation. It gives the media something to cover besides the Town Meeting crap.
Also, one thing we have learned from these TMs: Ignorance is NOT Bliss.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

He's toast.

His numbers are dropping like a rock and now that congress has been back in their districts having their respective heads handed to them; the whole plan is on life support.

One daily poll has him at 27 positive; 41 negative for a net of -14; his lowest to date.

Nopartisan said...

Does anyone else think it is sorta insane that the face of the nuts and liars at the townhalls are in many cases those who scream against government healthcare yet would shoot you if you abolished medicare? Lets cut to brass tacks, why should my tax dollars pay for a cent of medicare? After all if you are old and can't afford healthcare on your own then you effed up pretty
badly when younger. Gee sounds cold hearted but isn't that what the anti reform people claim about those without coverage even if a profitable even obscenely profitable company laid them off? In other words every one of those against healthcare reform are greedy arrogant aholes who through their stupidity and inability to think for themselves can only parrot the lies of beck, limbaugh and other idiots who would rather see their countrymen suffer to score points against obama. We can have a reasonable debate if we eliminate the lies and work together, and we may even come up with a real solution! But lets face it only when they LOSE their coverage because their insurance company won't pay for their or maybe their kids cancer treatment, will they be convinced of the evil that is the system americans die under every day. God bless America? No rather it should be God forgive us for our sins against the least of us. Somehow I think God ain't gonna be blessing those who to stop a needed change in healthcare policy. Again I am center right on most issues so I have no "liberal" agenda to advance.

oldswede said...

ACR - One poll? I don't suppose you have any facts to offer. What poll?
Except for Rasmussen, the Republicans' binky, the major national polls have Obama over 50%. Gallup shows his approval climbing back up. Ras is 48/51.
Taking drugs and hallucinating doesn't qualify as research.

Charles said...

Palin's shrewdly timed Kafkaesque metaphor appears to have wee wee'd everything up. Rep. Cleaver from Missouri has called for everyone to hit the "rhetorical reset button."

lakezoarian said...

I agree with Peter at #1, but I'll go one deeper. Obama is just a more telegenic front-man than bush was for the Military-Industrial Complex that Eisenhour warned us about.

Bringing Hilary Clinton to a position of great power was very telling indeed. Definately not a "got this" moment. She's right along side Lieberman and Bolton with the "attack Iran" rhetoric lately...

But Kirby, I didn't come here to firehose your post about the President's role in healthcare money. America needs to catch up with the rest of the industrialized world. I would love for you to be right, and me to be wrong. I say that humbly.

vagabondblogger said...

Personally, I think the headline last week of Obama re-thinking PO was a plant. How better to get those in favor to participate in these right leaning, disruptive town halls? And now we see a few backtrackers, like Grassley - a sort of, "I misspoke / misunderstood" moment.

I say if PO doesn't go through, we get rid of the public school system, we get rid of government supported healthcare for Congress/Senate, which we taxpayers pay for - oh, s**t I'm gonna go all libertarian - let's get rid of ALL taxes and let those DC asses work for $1.00 a year (just like JFK-or so I've heard.) They believe in PUBLIC service, then they can have it, without the PO!

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

These town halls are not "Right Leaning" who told you that absurdity. Have you been to one, I have been to several and most of the people there are just ordinary non-political people who have been under the pressure of unpaid medical bills, end of life care, and issues with high health insurance premiums.

These people are not "right wingers" they are no more right wing than your mother, father or grandparents who struggle to get quality care and have hospital liens on their homes, their income assaulted by hospital attorneys and are staring down personal bankruptcy.

The public option is scary, because it places the traditional end of life family decisions in the hands of a government medical board, it is also scary because med students with $200 plus thousand in loans may be working on a government pay scale rather than on entrepeneurial spirit.

Excuse these people for being concerned. The term "Right Wing" is really a very ignorant statement and I personally take offence to it.

vagabondblogger said...

Rocco / Michael (whoever): You are absolutely right. I mispoke (I mean miswrote). These are not right wingers. These are Timothy McVeigh types, who do not believe in government and want to destroy it, regardless. Get real. Health care has nothing to do with their anger. Their ire stems from something unspeakable, something dark, something threatening, something that scares the begeebees out of them, and yet that same thing makes me proud to be an American.

And yes, I think the Obama headline of a possible no PO was a fake. It was to get the progressives out to these meetings that have been taken over by the right to give them some equality. I don't know what channel you're watching, but I see FOX News people comment that a protestor is rational, and has relevant questions (like say how they are comparing Obama to Nazis) and the MSM has been crawling all over these town halls like flies on a wall. These protestors may be the minority, but as we saw in 1995 it doesn't take much to make that verbal dissatisfaction a reality.

BTW, that so-called death panel is already written into law. If you don't like it, then you should opt out of Medicaire.

West Haven Bob said...

@Rocco (et alia):

Your characterization of the Public option is either an intentional distortion of the facts (i.e., a LIE) or the result of a failure to actually research the issue (the hallmark of obtaining a Master's degree in anything) and instead listening to the hyperbole on either side.

However, I agree that the majority of those who attended the "town hall" meetings had legitimate questions and concerns; however, in all those I have seen, these real citizens were out-shouted by those with a separate political agenda; and the representatives who actually tried to answer their concerns were similarly drowned out by these buffoons.

I'm all for intelligent debate; and I've heard many intelligent objections and concerns about this issue. These questions and objections need to be aired and rationally discussed. The loonies (on both extreme fringes) are not interested in this discussion; they simply want "their way, or the highway".

Neither side has a monopoly on the truth....we all need to be reminded of this from time to time.