Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Gov. Rell is so obviously over this "governing" thing

OK, so let me get this straight...

Gov. Rell said she hated the budget passed by large majorities in the State House and Senate, but she refused to veto it.

Then Gov. Rell said she'd get rid of all those items she considered "pork" by using the line item veto. Then she didn't do it.

So, Jodi wanted to abstain from being responsible for any part of the budget, even without doing a single thing within her power to change it.

I'm reminded of a lyric from the classic Rush tune Freewill:

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

Apparently, she chose mediocrity.

Really, is there anything that Governor Relic still likes about the job, besides marching in parades and opening shopping centers?

(...and while I was never a major Rush fan by any means, it's kind of cool to see that Geddy Lee can still rock out. Must be because of that great health care they have in Canada!)


carterman said...

According to the news report on WTNH tonight she apparently refused to line item veto it because she would have to sign it. A fact that Richard Blumenthal is said to have confirmed. Rell, who disagrees with Blumenthal, responds with I do not want to put the tax payers through a big lawsuit on the line item veto / signing the bill into law issue.

It seems doing nothing (in Rell's mind) is the best thing for the people of Connecticut.

It's like whoever can do less wins!

Nopartisan said...

The dems own the budget, whether Rell had vetoed it or not they had the votes to override, from day 1 they had the votes even if one or two dems dissented they could with a few tweaks get them back onboard. The dems are and have been using her as cover for this job killing budget. Think the P&W talks have any chance now of success with the 10% corportate surcharge? Say buy to the 1100 jobs. Creation of jobs which will increase the money the state takes in combined with real efforts to cut wasteful spending, are the only way to save this state. So lets wait and see, the dems have passed the problem on for another 2 years. My guess is that their failure to come to grips with the fragility of the CT economy will mean that as the country has a whole rebounds, we will regress even further. Rell is the dems strawman she is the appendix of CT government. Because of the dems supermajorities she could have been by-passed at anytime, but the profiles in courage at the statehouse needed her as a fallguy.

West Haven Bob said...

To Nopartisan:

You overestimate the Connecticut Democratic Party: they're not the same as the Republicans: stepping in lock-time to what they were told.

No, CT Democrats (omigawd) actually think about each public act, and vote accordingly.

Rell's decision was in fact the coward's way out: she chose to paint this budget (as you so aptly put it) as the Dem's budget. What is so sorely lacking in this whole affair is the Republican alternative: slashing sorely needed funding for education, public safety, etc.

The dem's own the budget because the rep's refused to talk at all...remember that when the chickens come home to roost.

"You need two enemies to create a peace, but you need but need one enemy to start a war" - Winston Churchill