Thursday, September 17, 2009

Schiff, McMahon join Republican fray

Two more Republicans lept into the steaming mélange of candidates vying for Chris Dodd's Senate seat in 2010:

Economist Peter Schiff (above), who said he'll remain CEO of his brokerage firm, Euro Pacific Capital while he runs for office.

Linda McMahon, who just stepped down as CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (pictured with husband Vince; it's fun searching for images of Mrs. McMahon!)

They are adding to an already crowded field of GOP hopefuls, including former Congressman Rob Simmons, State Sen. Sam Caligiuri, and former ambassador Tom Foley.

UPDATE: tparty over at My Left Nutmeg points out that Linda McMahon gave the DCCC a whopping $10,000 in 2006 (and another $5,000 in 2007), which certainly helped defeat her fellow Republican senate candidate Rob Simmons in his bid to retain his Congressional seat. Simmons lost to Joe Courtney by less than a hundred votes.

Think he's pissed about that?

While Simmons has an early lead in polls due to name recognition, it will be interesting to see how the candidates stack up against each other when they start campaigning. Will we see a race to the extreme right, as often happens when Republicans try to top one another? Or will there be any candidates who try to appeal to Connecticut's moderate voting pool and express support for issues like a public option for health care, at the risk of alienating their party's base?

My guess is the latter former, because the eventual nominee will have to win with the Republicans first, before they can face the entire state.

("former" means the first one, right?)

We'll see...

(...and I'm very pleased with myself for crafting the phrase "steaming mélange"...the imagery it brings to mind is delightful!)


Nopartisan said...

Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for their situation. This is the best they can come up with? Oh well maybe the WWE divas will hit the campaign trail.

CT Bob said...

Well, it's almost the kind of free-for-all that the Democrats went through last year in coming up with a presidential nominee. Luckily for the Dems, Chris Dodd is still popular enough to weather this storm and handily beat whomever finally gets the GOP nod. Maybe we should start a "Dodd Pool" and wager on how much he'll beat his eventual challenger by.

(I really can't seem to get away from ending my sentences with prepositions...)

West Haven Bob said...

I wish CT Rep's drafted Stormy Daniels...wonder if her husband's name is Jack?

oldswede said...

Just two more Rep candidates and we can start using Seven Dwarfs metaphors. Cool theme music too,
"Hi ho, hi ho . . ." etc.

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate the Rep's. Their Joe leiberman strategy is still stinging, and will for a long time. JC Sr

CT Bob said...

I think you have a point there. The Democrats should all re-read their copies of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" going into 2010.