Friday, September 18, 2009

HatCityBlogTV is here!

My very good friend (a guy I like to call "The Godfather of Connecticut Video Blogging") CT Blogger (aka Alphonso Robinson) has begun production of a weekly political news digest called "HatCityBlog Television".

Al's talent and his professional TV persona really comes through in his videos. And I love the '70s film house intro to this video, obviously inspired by Quentin Tarantino (and I know that he was, because when I saw that movie, I had the same "gee, that would make a GREAT intro to a video" thought that Al obviously did!)

So here's the first installment of HCBTV; and I want to publicly state I'm so completely disgusted by how naturally he pulls this off that I want to throw my camera out the window and take up knitting!

In other words, Bravo!

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