Monday, September 14, 2009

A very worthy cause

If you've enjoyed the videos and the writing on this blog, take a moment and visit my fundraising page for The Wellness Cup.

What is the Wellness Cup?

The Wellness Cup is being held on October 3rd, at the Branford Yacht Club. It is a race that will attract boats from New London, CT to Milford, CT. In 2008, our inaugural race, $20,000 was raised with the help of out captains, crew, sponsors and volunteers. We are fortunate to have world-class sailor Gary Jobson lending his name to the event as well as the support from many well known, exceptional manufacturers and publications from the sailing industry.

Who will benefit from the proceeds of the Wellness Cup?

All proceeds will benefit the Wellness Community
of Southern Connecticut (TWC-SCT).

The Wellness Community of Southern Connecticut facility will be located along the shoreline and will service all of Southern Connecticut. To open our doors, we need a minimum of $500,000, of which twenty percent has been raised. TWC programs are designed to help ALL cancer patients/survivors and their loved ones in a "home" style setting and are all FREE of charge - NO insurance required. TWC provides professionally-led support groups, educational workshops, and stress reduction programs that include exercise and mind/body practices. TWC-SCT has already conducted several local educational programs in conjunction with Yale, St. Raphael’s, and other hospitals. The first TWC opened its doors in 1982 in Southern California and has expanded to include 23 communities worldwide, 28 satellites and online support. The dream for the Southern Connecticut facility began in the summer of 2006.

Any amount is welcome, so please consider tossing a few bucks to this very worthy cause by clicking on the link and pressing the online "Make a Contribution" button. (If you do it, I'll try to refrain from posting so many goofy pictures of myself like the one below!)

Thank you!

- Connecticut Bob

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