Friday, August 21, 2009

Jim Amann discusses the budget issues

Earlier this week at a fundraiser for Milford mayoral candidate Genevieve Salvatore, I had a chance to talk to former Speaker Jim Amann about the ongoing budget crisis at the State Capitol.

And yes, I'm now fully aware that "gubernatorial" is missing a few letters in my opening title of the video. The day Pinnacle Studio finally includes a spell checker in the titles editor will truly be a day for me to celebrate!

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Jonathan Kantrowitz said...

Idiotic - the way to balance the budget is to kidnap Governor Rell - and get her to agree to sign a job creation bill like the tax giveaway Hollywood East. Not cutting expenses or raising taxes - job creation - it's his mantra but no specifics - perhaps a tax give-away to USSteel? ExxonMobil? Boeing? Wheat farmers? How in the world does he expect CT to create jobs?