Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Joe Wilson may be censured today

News reports indicate that the House of Representatives may vote on a resolution later today to rebuke South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson for shrieking "You lie!" during President Obama's address to the entire Congress.

When I sat down with Jim Himes (CT-04) last week, we touched upon the Joe Wilson controversy, and what it means to the entire national debate.


Nopartisan said...

The ironic thing about any censure is the fact that I am sure the buffoon welcomes it. The main reasons being the loons will consider him a martyr and he will raise another million dollars from those who consider him a hero. Sickenly he will get another news cycle.

Anonymous said...

The truth hurts don't it:

of course the WH even admits Joe was correct, decorum be damned...like libtards ever cared.

CT Bob said...

Big difference there, buddy. Stark didn't interrupt the President's address to the joint session of Congress and the entire nation.

You ain't even comparing apples and oranges; it's more like tractors and teacups.

Nopartisan said...

Anon: Thanks for proving my point. I am sure your check is in the mail to support Mr. Wilson. Your blind support for someone so wrong helps to obscure whatever legitimate points you and others like yourself may have. So again the anti Obama extremists are hurt by their inability to stick to and argue their points with facts and real figures. Do you guys not realize that by acting like morons you cause most Americans to tune out your message? if in fact you have a real message? Joe Wilson is a punchline to most of us, even those who hold somewhat conservative views. But the brain dead rallies, the hate filled racist signs and the repulsive "bury obamacare along with Kennedy" slogan makes you guys more scary to most americans than anything they see from the government.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you have a point about interrupting the speech, I'll give you that.
Now then, what do you say when the (almost anyways) Democrat aisle stood and shouted down GW in 2005? Is there a difference? that's alot of contradiction. Even B.Obama was one violating the rules of the floor. But alas....that doesn't count.
If those signs scare you, try being a 12 yr old Boy Scout on a bus heading to MN during the RNC in 2008 and having sandbags thrown down upon you form overpasses, or a bus filled with conventioneers. I know, signs are scary, but action of real violence from the left is political discourse. It's laughable.

CT Bob said...

Violence as a form of expression is wrong, we can all pretty much agree with that. And don't lump us in the anarchists who disrupted the RNC; we hate them too.

I watched the Bush video from the 2005 SOTU speech again, and there was nothing like Democrats "shouting down" the president; they grumbled a bit and muttered "No" at his attempt to privatize social security, but nobody called out anything remotely like "YOU LIE!" at that point. Face it, Joe Wilson really stepped on his dick with that one, and he should apologize to his fellow congressmen.

And btw, you guys seemed to LOVE the idea of Bush giving away SS to the investment firms. Can you imagine the disaster that would have happened if people lost a huge chunk of their benefits because of privatization? Suddenly it doesn't seem like such a great idea, huh?

Nopartisan said...

After seeing Represenative stark's comment to a constituent on youtube, it is obvious that idiocy occurs on both sides of the aisle. To be that rude to someone who was speaking in a calm manner was uncalled for and should be treated in the same manner as Wilson's outrage. Somehow though I don't think that we will be seeing it as often as Wilsons nonsense. And therein lies the problem, unequal coverage by the media who pick and choose who's transgressions will be shown. And it cuts both ways depending on the outlets bias.

Amy said...

Even if one does not agree with the President, the outburst was so disrespectful, so the rebuke was a good decision.