Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Public Option explained clearly

The much anticipated Obama health care speech is about to begin. While we wait, I wanted to share this with you.

In this video (via HuffPo) Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich takes about 70 seconds to explain the way the Public Option works. Then he talks about the motivations of the people who are making all the noise opposing it. This is perhaps the most concise description of what the public option really is that I've ever heard.

And because he's not a teabagger, you won't hear phrases like "health care rationing" or "death panels" at any point.

Because he's telling the simple truth.


sschmoe said...

pure bunk.........keep drinking the coolade ,i will stick with the tea.

CT Bob said...

Is that a capital "tea", or are you e.e. cummings?

lakezoarian said...

Bob Reich has been one of my heros for a long time. He effortlessly makes sense of this. I had seen it already, on TPM I think, but I'm glad you put it up on your blog.

I remember listening to his "editorials" on NPR way back when, and always thinking- "that dude knows". Nice to see we're still learning from him now.