Friday, September 04, 2009

Q&A with Jim Himes

Prior to Wednesday's town hall meeting in Norwalk, Rep. Jim Himes (CT-04) met with members of the media and bloggers to answer a few questions. Listen for Special Correspondent Tessa Marquis to ask a question during the Q&A.


tessa said...

The uncivil shout-shoving of questions by the "reporters" was an interesting precursor to the anti-organizational tactics we saw inside the auditorium. This is left over from when reporters learned to yell questions at a helicopter-bound President.

I recommend all politicians refuse to answer questions that are shouted out, and merely acknowledge hands held up.

Please note that they were trying to steer the Congressman towards only addressing the issue of disruptive audiences. Too bad they don't notice the racism of the Right.

And Bob, don't make me do this ever again. I am squeeky.

CT Bob said...

Like I would allow our highly valued Special Correspondent to simply walk away from a plum assignment like this.

West Haven Bob said...

Tessa -

you sounded a LOT better than those fools inside the auditorium!