Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Video from Dodd blogger conference

I've coined a new phrase, "blogger conference", which is when an elected official has a press conference, only with bloggers instead of those pushy mainstream media types.

OK, maybe I'm not the first writer to use that phrase, but until I get a "cease & desist" telling me to stop claiming that, it's MINE beeyotches!

Ahem...sorry about the lapse of manners there...I'm stuck in Buffalo right now, and nothing is worse than Buffalo in the rain. And by rain, I mean tropical storm. And by Buffalo, I mean a town filled with disappointed Bills fans, who were a bit crabby to begin with, and are now even worse after they lost badly to the Saints on Sunday.

CT Blogger put up a couple of excellent videos from the conference; and if you look closely, you might catch a glimpse of an elusive blogger who appeared in public without her Groucho glasses:


Connecticut Man1 said...

I would note the 830 to 1740 people dying that I was talking about in the second video are per week. Double it for Snowe's 2 week delay.

Using 2 camera's, ctblogger's videos are pretty slick.

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

Where do you get your facts? Ralph Nader? Did he not say that doctors alone Kill 57,000 people a year?

I do not think its a lack of healthcare that is killing people.

If you wish to get real, than just know that the elite of this country want people dead. They feel that 6.8 billion people is too many and when we add a billion more every few years that is a recipe for the end of mother earth in the very near future.

I am pretty sure that this health care bill is more of a eugenics bill. Have you seen the cover of Time magazine titled "The Case For Killing Grandma."

Who is Dodd kidding? By the way has he co-sponsored SB 604 yet?

Anonymous said...

Keep going Rocco,

You're proving every day to the world the teabaggers are so far from reality they're only worthy of laughing at.


Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

CtKeith No one's laughing, and the last laugh is not what I am after. There are some very serious developments going on around us, and you are either very smart and deliberate in yout actions or just an innocent dreamer who really believes Dodd works for the people, loves and cares about us.

If Dodd is honest about who he is, he will co-sponsor SB-604 until that happens he is lying to the public about his sincerity to reform the US banking system.

If you are as smart as I think you are than you will ask him the question research the bill and decide if he is really worth it.

I dare you to post his answer here.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I get my facts from studies done by credible sources. I did make a mistake. I was correct in the video, and wrong in thinking it was every week.



West Haven Bob said...

Incidentally (speaking of sources), has anyone noticed that bloggers have been excluded from the proposed federal shield law?

Anonymous said...

Oh my, imagine that.

Anonymous said...

comrad Dodd would be wise if he did not run, retirement is smoother if one is not tossed into the gutter as he richly deserves

Anonymous said...

Yes, that elusive blogger without her Groucho glasses asked a good question. Dodd's response: It's a big tent party; Democrats are from different parts of the country and they have to reflect the feelings of their constituents.

In response to Dodd's claim that Senators reflect the beliefs of their constituents, someone said, "except for Joe Lieberman."

I nominate the man who said that for a Special Award of Blogger Merit.

JTHM said...

"In response to Dodd's claim that Senators reflect the beliefs of their constituents, someone said, "except for Joe Lieberman."

Except that the statement is patently false. He(Joe) was elected in a fair and honest contest, without help from ACORN or other nefarious Liberal operatives. He was elected by the people he actually does represent, that being the MAJORITY, of Connecticut citizens. Has time revealed he's really just another Liberal Democrat? Yes. Will he get re-elected? I never bet on elections, but I'd say after a few more years of this national and Connecticut Democrat run administrations, his odds are better than Laments would be.
Joe plays both sides with skill, that is without question.

West Haven Bob said...

@ JTHM (and Rocco):

"If you stand in the middle of the road, you have twice the opportunity to get run over".

Yes, Jowl Joe was elected without help from ACORN or "other nefarious Liberal operatives."

Has time revealed he's just another Liberal Democrat?, you ask...the answer is a resounding NO!!!!! (despite your conclusion otherwise.)

You seem to equate not following in lockstep (or should that be goosestep?) with the Conservative mantra -- hey, if you think capitalizing "liberal" is an insult, back atcha -- if you think any dissent to "the party line" makes you "one of them then I suggest your best home is 1950's era Moscow, comrade...they'd most heartily agree with you.

до свидания, камрад (or "dosvidanya, tovarish", in English: "Later, comrade")

Best learn them funny lookin' letters...ya'll'l need'em ta keep us a Gawd-ferrin, righeous-thinkin Country, by gum!

Anonymous said...

did you actually read "the case for killing granny"? the title referred to assisted suicide, not death panels. as for lieberman, yeah, he actually is a liberal democrat.

West Haven Bob said...


JTHM said...

Wow, such witty response .
Then again capitalizing Liberal seemed to strike a nerve...hehe, who knew?

West Haven Bob said...

Then again, capitolizing CON-servative also seemed to strike a nerve...

Your arguments are lame; your factual bases for your positions are dubious at best (and purposely fale, at worst)...have no you regard for truth? At long last, have you no shame?

You can (to paraphrase a quote from a famous REPUBLICAN:

"...fool the fools all of the time, but you can only fool the rest some of the time."

The saddest - and the scariest - thing is, you're fooling yourselves.

I've said enough; I'll leave you to add your own stupidity in response as evidence for my argument.

JTHM said...