Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chris Dodd, We're Counting on You

Just a quick post to let you know that the Senate Finance Committee just passed the health reform bill with the support of D members and Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine. Chris Dodd told us that he would be managing the floor in the Senate as the bills go forward, so the ball is now in his court. This is a critical step forward, and I am confident in Chris' leadership in the Senate as we go forward.

UPDATE - Senator Dodd's Statement on the vote:
Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) released the following statement today after the Senate Finance Committee approved health care reform legislation by a vote of 14 to 9. Senator Dodd led the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee earlier this summer when it approved the Affordable Health Choices Act. Now, Dodd, Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and the Obama Administration will merge the two committee’s bills into one bill.

“Today, we are another unprecedented step closer to providing every American with the quality, affordable health care.

“Senator Baucus and the members of the Finance Committee have worked tirelessly to get to this point. Now, we will work with Majority Leader Reid and the Obama Administration to merge the two bills together. Our goal is the same goal that we all set out to achieve months ago – to deliver health care reform that the American people want and need. Reform that cuts costs, protects patient choice, and guarantees access to affordable, quality care for every American.

“I'm committed to getting this done - this year."


Anonymous said...

DODD if he is on the ballot i will vote independent or republican it is bad enough that wo have a senator who is owned by apac and one owned by wall st i have had enough of the thieves

CT Bob said...

You sir are an idiot.

You add absolutely nothing to the discussion, and if I wasn't in such a good mood right now, I'd delete your insignificant little comment without so much as a how-do-ya-do.

Anonymous said...

Dems agree not investigate DODD...how special.

No wonder we don't trust DC