Friday, October 09, 2009

An unexpected win

President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize today.

This will probably drive the wingnuts crazy!

(yeah, I know it's a short drive...)


Anonymous said...

I'm a progressive Democrat, and I voted for him, but...

As I lifted my jaw, Gordon-Brown style, up an inch or two, the value of the Nobel Peace Prize dropped several miles in my estimation.

They’ve awarded it to WHOM?




This has got to be the WORST EVER DECISION by that once-highly respected body. The worst EVER.

Not because Obama doesn’t mean well – the old woman next door means well – but because he was five minutes in the job and suddenly he’s the world’s peace-maker. I understate for emphasis – he was actually TWO WEEKS in the job before he was seen to deserve to be listed for this nomination. And nine months in the job before he got it.

WHY? What has happened since? World peace? Worldwide nuclear disarmament? A Middle East peace setlement? An unclenched fist from Iran?

I always understood that the Nobel Prize was not politically motivated and looked at all nominations’ track-records over a lengthy period.

Saying is NOT doing.

The Nobel Prize is suddenly the Nothing Prize.

Time to set up a new peace prize for those who have actually DONE something and not just said something.

CT Bob said...

You are a liar.

There's no way in hell you're a "progressive Democrat". You are, however, an anonymous coward. That kind of rant can only be born in the soul of a true winger, who read Drudge and listens to Glenn Beck on a daily basis.

Multilateral diplomacy. "...for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples" less than nine months after he took office.

In other words, Obama is moving the U.S. in the exact opposite direction from Bush's disastrous regime.

Just think what manner of hell we'd be experiencing right now if McCain was in the White House, free to continue Bush's awful policies.

But, since it pissed you off so badly, I'm doubly glad Obama won it.

Nopartisan said...

Who really gives a damn anyway? The Nobels should be for science and medicine. The peace prize means nothing, never has never will. As long as evil exists and yes it does, conflict will always be with us. So perhaps we can call it the pseudo peace prize?

CT Bob said...

Well, it can be argued that it works as an incentive for a world leader to continue to strive for peace. Besides, they give Nobels for medicine, and disease still exists, right?

JTHM said...

The prize was diminished long ago when Yassar Arafat won it.

I'm not going to join in on the Hate Obama because he won mantra though. He didn't ask to be nominated ( 12 days before he was even elected) and I'll bet a dollar to a doughut that he never expected to win.

That being said, I really believe that if he meant what he said in his speech about those more deserving (AND THEY MOST CERTAINLY DID) he could have silenced every opposition voice across the Globe and quelled the talk of his internationally renowned narrasistic personality by turning it down and actually giving it the the MOST deserving amoung those on the list.

Alas, that perception will reamain intact.

On one hand We should be happy another US President has won the prize, but embarassed by the fact that it was awarded on the premise that he MIGHT do something.

Of course you can just ask the Chekoslovakians and Poles how they feel about this great leader....that sold them out to the Russians....I'll bet you'll get another vision of the future Obama is bringing them.

Oh, and including the Taliban in Afganistan government..poor women, getting stoned and beheaded for minor infractions...yup they have a bright future ahead with Obama bringing on Change there too.

Hey at least he's 1.4 Million dollars richer! Hope he invests wisely in his sinking economy.

oldswede said...

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, making war much bloodier and horrifying.
The Peace Prize is really key to his intent to somehow atone for the way his invention came to be used. All the science and literature prizes are secondary. It is peace that he wanted most.

nopartisan said...

Here we go again a stupid meaningless award, a minor who cares award, becomes still another tool for the extremists to fight over. It's like the internet has allowed losers of all political extremes to be able to grind REAL political discourse to a virtual halt. The center left, center and center right MUST all work to discredit the loons of both wings by exposing their lies and calling them to account. Rather than giving these divisive clowns air time, the news media should rediscover their integrity and ignore them. But of course when whole cable networks are acting as cheerleaders for one side or another integrity is the first casualty.

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...


Soon after taking a chair on the UN and swearing an oath to the Globalist UN charter, he gets a a Nobel prize.

The man who bows to Arab Royalty and renegs on his promise to close Guantanamo Bay, or withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Gets a Peace Prize?!

Will this prize still count if he decedes to wage more war in Iran and committ another 40,000 troops to Pakistan?!

Well at least he is the good company of Al Gore and oh... that other guy Albert Schweitzer who would argue that because Obama is Black "he may no be human."

Does anyone even still take these globalist psychpaths seriously anymore? What a Joke!!

Anonymous said...

GW Bush to be awarded "Humanitarian of the Century" prize

And Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz will win the "Veracity in Government Award." Condi Rice to preside at ceremony. Heavily armed mercs from Blackwater/Xe will provide security at this invitation only event.

Federal Reserve head Ben Bernanke will receive the distinguished "Transparency in Bookkeeping" award. Treasury Secretary Geithner to present award to Bernanke inside the NY Fed.
No reporters or outsiders will be welcome or allowed to see this ceremony and any that try to breach security will be tossed in jail

Israeli PM Netanyahu will be given the prestigious "Kindred Soul Award." This elite prize is shared by others, like Henry Kissinger and Jeffrey Dahlmer.
The award is to be presented in the new Israeli "Ministry of Truth" building, constructed in the West Bank on the rubble of several Palestinian homes whose owners were gently persuaded, using tanks and armored bulldozers, to move or else!

Former VP Dick Cheney will be fĂȘted by surviving relatives of 9/11 victims when he receives the "9/11 Truthers" award.

Why not, if Obama is being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

"Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize for not yet bombing Iran"

Next week, Obama will be honored at the annual defense contractors ball with the "Thanks to YOU" prize for fattening their bottom line!

Only 10 days into his term, Obama gets nominated. The Nobel prize has become irrelevant.

Process of Nomination and Selection

The candidates eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize are those nominated by ... on nominations that must be postmarked no later than 1 February each year. ...

Maybe it's appropriate that the prize was founded and is funded by an organization started by a man renowned for his expertise in developing newer and more devasting explosives.

CT Bob said...

I knew this would drive the wingnuts crazy!

oldswede said...

Yeah, Bob. We will get to see once again how deep the nihilism runs on the right. How sad it must be to live on Desolation Row, when something is happening here but they don't know what it is.

JTHM said...

And yet the Morally and Realistically correct Liberal Elite will dissect the above posts from those who respectivly dissagree.....Not.

Bob will in his will offer nothing but a chide, a snide and sniff of a rebuke.

Why I expected more? I dunno, belief in the common man I suspect. How naive of me of course but it never really gets me down.
To be honest, the ridicule they heap on those they disagree with and their distain for all those they profess to honor and stand up for is merely a charade for their true feelings....and it always makes me giggle.

JTHM said...

Poorly executed post...admittedly.

Take out the 1st "in his will" and leave it at that. :)

CT Bob said...

"Bob will in his will offer nothing but a chide, a snide and sniff of a rebuke."

I was wondering about that.

I pictured my family many years from now at the reading of my will, acting all insulted that I was chiding, sniding, and sniffing.

JTHM said...

Hehe, they will Bob...they will wonder WTF was he thinking.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad.

Bob, are you working?

Check the media reaction to this from places outside the USA.


West Haven Bob said...

Bob - why would one think you'd wait until you've, um, "passed on" to be "chiding, sniding (?) and sniffing"?

You've done a damned good job being appropriately snide, churlish, and insulting (and ain't THAT a great and wonderful thing!)

West Haven Bob said...

PS - the only insult I'm leaving my family in my will is the size of my estate.

West Haven Bob said...

I believed CT Bob would have said more(particularly after my two snarky comments this morning), but here goes:

@ JTHM: your (admittedly) poorly typed post implies your suspicion of the common man. I have no such either common "man" or "woman". I do trust that they (like I) shall make mistakes collectively from time to time; but the general progression by "We the People" will be for the better for all of us.

I also recognize the fact that "We the People" are losing our voice, in favor of "We the Corporation". It is this recognition that elected President Obama; and it will be this sentiment which could sweep your (outdated, but still respectable) viewpoint into the dustbin of history...along with Father Coughlin and Williams Jennings Bryant.

Charles said...

In related news:

>>Eric Holder is one of 18 finalists for the American Mustache Institute’s Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year.

It’s a serious honor, said Abraham Froman Jr., CEO of the St. Louis-based organization, which is dedicated to promoting acceptance of “mustached Americans.” About 100 people were nominated by online visitors. The institute’s staff of certified mustacheologists narrowed the nominees down to 18 finalists, Froman told Main Justice in an interview.

“It’s not just about [Holder's] mustache. It’s about what it represents,” according to Froman, who cited Holder’s visibility as a member of the Obama administration. “It brings a sense of pride to people of mustached-American descent.” Having someone so high up in politics representing the mustache-minority population “gives [other mustached Americans] something to aspire to,” Froman said.

Another finalist is White House senior advisor David Axelrod, who, it so happens, graduated from Stuyvesant High School in New York City in 1972, three years before Holder did. “David Axelrod was the mustache behind the election of the first African-American president,” Froman said, explaining Axelrod’s historical significance.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the most scathing reaction I've seen yet. You go, Les!

CT Bob said...

Is "scathing" another word for "nutty"?

West Haven Bob said...

Good Lord....

I looked into the link: it seems the Tourette's version of a national view...should this blogger be allowed out without a bib?