Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hey GOP! Who cut Milford's taxes?

Not YOU guys, that's for sure!

Milford's Republican mayor proposed a 6.7% tax INCREASE, and when the Democrats put forward a budget that included the city's first tax DECREASE ever, not a single Republican on the Board of Aldermen voted for it! Fortunately, we hold a majority on the Board.

Here, let me spell it out for you:


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Milford's Republican mayor proposed a 6.7% tax INCREASE,

Doesn't matter Bob.

No one will believe it.

Especially in this environment, no one will doubt that the Democrats are not out to spend wildly.

Besides, what's the turnout in a local election?
Probably under 40%

Whoever has the better GOTV operation wins; it has nothing to do with anything like issues or qualifications.

Municipal elections amount to little more than local popularity contests; with both parties winding up with people on boards, commissions, and panels of all sorts, that neither local party leaders or any of us are necessarily pleased with.

Even when we're (the citizenry, not either party) lucky enough to get a high caliber, Eagle Scout sort of candidate with fabulous qualifications (one shows up every ten years or so) it's no guarantee that we can them on base.

Face it, municipal elections have little to do with either party's ideology and more to do with getting snow off the streets.

Anyone who votes a straight ticket in a local election really has their head up their a**
But people who don't know the issues, or the players will do it like so many Lemmings.

Here in Southington, we Republicans all cross vote for one member of the council; even our party chair and his son (who's on the same council) admit to it as there's one Dem that simply goes so far over the top that he deserves everyone's support.....and he gets it.

He doesn't vote with our people all the time; and sometimes he's flat out crazy - but his heart is so right and he works so hard for people that we feel we have no choice.
He's a "Good Man".

Think the average guy can comprehend that?
Hell no - too many are worried about which party when locally it often doesn't matter at all.

Which is why even though I don't drink, I'm thinking of taking it up.

CT Bob said...

I've heard good things about drinking. I'll have to try it sometime.

Yeah, Jim Richetelli is a nice guy and he has plenty of friends in town, including lots of city employees who tend to donate inordinately large sums of money to his campaign, so he definitely has a leg up on Genevieve.

But if our messaging can somehow overcome the ridiculous GOP propaganda that's being spread, she'll win it. It always boils down to who wins with the low information voters, though.