Thursday, October 15, 2009

The heat is on Jim Himes

...although not in the figurative sense.

I just received an email from Congressman Himes with this photo and the following text. It's nice to see he hasn't lost his sense of humor, despite the rigors facing Congress these days.
Dear Friends,

No, this is not me emerging from a Health Care Town Hall.

In fact, I've just stepped out of a shipping container full of raging fire with an air temperature of 1000 degrees. I had the good fortune to join Stamford firefighters this weekend for Fire Ops 101, a program in which they demonstrate their capabilities, and give civilians a chance to see what firefighting is all about. I simply can't describe the feeling of being in superheated close smoky darkness with tongues of flame "flashbacking" over your head. It gave me an up close and personal appreciation for the incredible work our first responders do, and the risks they take as a matter of course.

It made me recommit myself to the work I do on the Committee on Homeland Security.National Preparedness Month ended two weeks ago, but hopefully preparedness is something you think about on a regular basis. If you have not already visited, I hope you will. It's got good basic information on how to prepare for most emergencies and has a section of advice on the flu. I hope you'll take a moment to have a look. And the next time you walk by a policeman, fireman or medic, I hope you'll thank them for what they are prepared to do for you!

All the best,


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Anonymous said...

The political system is unresponsive to the American people. It is monopolized by a few powerful interest groups that control campaign contributions. Interest groups have exercised their power to monopolize the economy for the benefit of themselves, the American people be damned.

Anonymous said...

Hope Jimbo enjoys his last year in office. Time for him and all of the other congressmen who march lockstep with Nancy P. to go.

CT Bob said...

That was an intelligent and well-constructed argument. I'm sure you were #1 on your college debating team. Really, I'm impressed. Well done.