Sunday, October 11, 2009

Limbaugh's wimpy response

Sen. Barbara Boxer responds to the lame commentary about President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize by the infamous, thrice-divorced, Oxycontin-lovin', draft-dodging by reason of a frickin' anal cyst darling of the Conservative crowd, Rush Limbaugh.

Speaking of asses, didn't Glenn Beck rave incoherently in a video some time back about undergoing an operation on his sphincter? Why is it all these conservative blowhards are having so much trouble with their butts? Based on those transcripts from his sexually harassing phone calls to his ex-producer, Bill O'Reilly had better be careful where he puts his "toys"!

(heh heh...if they gave out literary awards for tastelessness, I'm sure I'd win a frickin' Pulitzer for that little rant!)

Via DailyKos:

Boxer's full interview is here.


West Haven Bob said...

My hypothesis is that, since they seem to use that orifice to produce their opinions, their rectal cavities are overused (kinda like I-95); thus the constant need for thir, um, rear-end reallignments.

CT Bob said...

OK, now I have competition for that Pulitzer!