Friday, May 22, 2009

CT Bob interviews Merrick Alpert

Here is my entire telephone interview with Senate candidate Merrick Alpert from this morning. We spent about 20 minutes discussing the issues and his reasoning for challenging Sen. Chris Dodd for his senate seat.

Sorry about the so-so audio quality, and my cell phone ringing near the end of the interview, but you can definitely hear our conversation clearly.

Alpert's website:

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MVD said...

It's great that you did this! I had a little trouble with the audio, but the parts that I heard confirm my impression of Merrick Alpert. A good guy, in many ways with his heart in the right place. But he hasn't thought this through! I think he just wants the attention and exposure for his own ego. But he hasn't thought about the impact of his actions on this campaign. He shouldn't be weakening Dodd unless he has some minimally realistic chance to take his place. He doesn't. He says he made courtesy calls to Democratic leaders. He didn't even call his own Dem town chair and let her know what he was going to do. How is he going to get all those Democratic petition signatures? He'd need a lot of passionate supporters or a lot of money. I don't see him getting either. What is his issue besides "I'm someone who is not a career politician"? Thanks CT Bob for getting this tape--a true public service!