Friday, May 01, 2009

Dan Malloy explains FoxNews's hypocrisy

Last night Dan Malloy appeared at the Milford Democratic Town Committee meeting and covered a variety of issues in great detail as part of his potential run for governor to an appreciative gathering.

During the Q&A portion of the talk, Mike Brown asked Dan about his famous appearance on "Fox & Friends". Malloy launched into an amusing anecdote (video below) that explained the sad and pathetic attempt at a very typical FoxNews "gotcha" that distorted the facts for their own political agenda.

Now that you know the background, here's the original interview:

BTW, my new Fujifilm J10 digital camera I bought to replace my old one with the busted LCD display has a big audio problem when recording video; it has a static/roaring sound. So the 50 frickin' minutes of video I shot last night is completely unusable. I can't tell you how pissed I am about that. And now I have to return the camera.

Thankfully, Chris from taped the talk and posted the video up above early today, saving the day for me. Good job on the video!


CT Bob said...

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Anonymous said...

If Malloy didn't come off as a bumbling lunatic in his FOX interview, I might actually have some respect for what he did (show up a pompous, big-network personality). To me, it just seemed as though Malloy had an axe to grind, but did so in a very un-eloquent, crazy-guy-next-door way.

CT Bob said...

Yes, he did have an axe to grind; the intellectual dishonesty of Fox needed some grinding down! To do the pre-interview simply to look for a SINGLE item to make a big stink over, and then try to ambush Malloy with it, is simply amateurish and pathetic. It's the kind of thing a highly opinionated wise-assed blogger (like me!) might do; certainly not what a high-profile cable network should indulge in!

Douchey ended up looking like the impotent jackass he is, and finally someone had the skills to slam him and his sham "news" organization.

I didn't see any "bumbling" as you say; Malloy was concise and on-message, and called Douchey out to finally start "telling the truth, sooner or later", which was spot-on perfect!

Anonymous said...

Malloy looked like the tax and spend liberal fool that he is. Does he not know how to answer a simple question? No wonder Connecticut is in such deep financial trouble.
Stop with the FOX whining, they're are ahead of the rest for a reason.

Oh and BTW, How's Malloy's kid doing? Illegal guns and drugs is it?

CT Bob said...

OK, you're not even trying to be serious now. I get it; you hate Democrats. Be sure to send a thank-you card to Rupert Murdoch for rotting your brain.

Have a nice day!