Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Health Care panel at Wesleyan on Thursday

May 28th at Wesleyan University’s Exley Science Center (6:30 PM), Middletown, CT

You are invited to a town hall-style health care forum to voice your concerns and hopes regarding health care reform. The panel will be discussing options for reform, particularly the benefits of a single payer system. Single payer health care is when health care (doctors, hospital expenses, etc.) is paid from a single fund. You choose your own doctors, since no provider is ever considered “out of network.”

Confirmed for the panel are Katie Robbins, the assistant national coordinator for Healthcare-NOW!; Donna Smith, featured in Michael Moore's movie Sicko, who is a legislative associate and community organizer for the California Nurses Association; and Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), who introduced HR 676, the current Federal legislation for a Medicare-for-all style health care system. Also invited for the panel are a local community doctor and a local professor of economics. Many CT legislators are being invited, including Rep. DeLauro, Rep. Murphy, Rep. Courtney, and Sen. Dodd.

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity for our legislators to hear from their constituents on this vital topic.

Over 40 years ago, at the Riverside Church in New York, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said, "Of all the forms of injustice, inequality in health care is the most shocking and inhumane."

What can you do about it? Mark your calendar now for May 28th, 6:30 PM at Wesleyan University’s Exley Science Center.


For more information, contact Deb Hall at (860) 302-5352, email or Emily Langner at (518) 928-1318, email


Nopartisan said...

The first step in any healthcare reform attempt, is to outlaw all tobacco products. Consult any legitimate study and you will learn that at least 60% of our healthcare expenses are because of illness caused directly by tobacco. Indirectly the cost rises possibly to 80%. Leaving aside lung cancer, emphysema and other direct effects, others such as reduced lung capacity can lead to obesity, as people don't have the stamina to be very active. It can also lead to immune system decline. Even if the cost to our system was as low as say 50% it is still a staggering amount for a substance that is a proven killer. It is the height of stupidity for the government not to outlaw it and even more insane is the practice of subsidising it's production.

CT Bob said...

Paging ACR....ACR, you have a call waiting...


[rant mode on]
Hey pinko, this is AMERICA! If we want to kill ourselves smoking cigarettes, it's our GOD-GIVEN right! You might want to make everything fun ILLEGAL, just like the Soviet Union, but you got another think comin', comrade!

And don't even THINK of touching my cigars! Why I oughtta...
[/rant off]

West Haven Bob said...

Maybe then we'd have (by ACR's definition)"well-regulated" healthcare.

Oh wait...Repubs are against that!