Monday, May 11, 2009

Full video from DFA health care forum

Sunday the health care industry offered a voluntary $2 trillion cost-cutting measure to help fund President Obama's health care proposal. This is a step in the right direction by an industry that often seems at odds with the administration over how to administer the proposed national health care solution. I'm sure much more needs to be addressed, but it certainly seems to be encouraging news.

This 39:35 video contains the full address given by Jim Dean, Tom Swan and Ned Lamont at last week's DFA health care forum.

I may upload the Q&A portion of the event, although the audio quality on the audience members asking the questions wasn't very good. Here's a tip: at future events, it's a good idea to either give the questioner a mic, or the person responding should repeat the question over the PA system. But I may still upload it, because there were some good parts; I'll have to review it later (I'm working on my boat today).

On a purely technical note, I've gone to widescreen on my videos. While this event doesn't seem to require 16x9, the Q&A session definitely looks better with the three speakers seated side by side. I'm going to work mostly in widescreen by now.

And the wireless lavaliere mic that delivered such clear audio is because of a great find on eBay courtesy of CT Blogger. Thanks muchly pal!

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