Friday, May 26, 2006

"Lamont Crushes Lieberman, 85 to 14"

Paul Bass of the New Haven Independent wrote this account of the significance of the primary:

"Ned Lamont crushed Joe Lieberman in a primary for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate, 85 to 14 percent. It wasn't the actual primary that the party holds Aug. 8th. It was an online primary run by Does it matter?"

"MoveOn claims it has 50,000 members in Connecticut. The views it on which it rallies its nationwide membership mirror the positions Lamont has taken to distinguish himself from Lieberman: opposition to the Iraq War, to the Bush administration's assault on civil liberties, for universal health care, against the Bush administration's energy bill, limiting the influence of corporate money on campaigns. MoveOn held an online vote this week to decide whether to make an endorsement in the primary race for Connecticut's open senate seat. It announced the results Friday morning."

"The biggest significance of the vote is money. Lieberman is outraising and outspending Lamont by about 3 to 1. MoveOn has the potential to raise millions of dollars for Lamont nationwide."

Read the entire story at the New Haven Independent.

UPDATE: The 250GB external drive came in yesterday, but I haven't had a chance to work with it yet. Last night was our first sailboat race of the season, and this Saturday we're doing a daytime race, so I've been busy lately. Things will slow down after the holiday weekend, and I'll have some time to edit some of the footage from the convention and the "Crashing the Gate" signing.