Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Mr. Lamont Goes to Washington"

Scarce's film trailer and Photoshopped scene from the movie over on My Left Nutmeg gave me an idea, and here's my quicky (if two hours of editing is quick) attempt at elaborating on the concept.

About 1:30, 2.5MB

UPDATE: I've made some minor changes in the video that cleaned up a bunch of little problems; I think it looks and sounds a lot better, but you all know how much of a perfektionist I am. UPPER-UPDATE: The old version had been deleted.


ctblogger said...

Oh man, you're on a roll!

s p a z e b o y said...

I'm not worthy!

THIS video is going up at the resource right now!

Scarce said...

Now that's entertainement!

Get this out there now!

Sharoney said...


boadicea said...

Nicely done.Really creative and laugh out loud funny while making the central point.

Ned is one of us.

Can you include Annie in those credits?


Oklahoma kiddo said...

If elected, how would Lamont treat the "special relationship" the United States government has with Israeli government, with respect to the Palestinian/Israeli "question"? Would we see more of the Lieberman non-solutuion, solutions? Or could we expect something different?

TrueBlueCT said...

Dumping Neo-Con Joe is the first step in the right direction. Can we not saddle Ned with a question that no one has the answer to? Remember what happened to Howard Dean when he tried to speak honestly on the subject.

Oklahoma kiddo said...


As I am a Lamont supporter I certainly appreciate what you're saying. Getting rid of Lieberman is
paramount. But, the concern I have is for a more objective approach to the baffling Israeli and Palestinian situation. The
Israeli's were enfranchised by the United States, England and France, and given their own homeland, rightly, subsequent to their near total destruction at the hands of the Teutonic monsters during WWII. Shouldn't the Palestinians, a long oppressed people be accorded the same consideration and given the same rights to a homeland? If Mr. Lamont is elected and continues the same Bush-Lieberman policies toward the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, and there is no policy change by America, then I fear a nuclear world war awaits. It is my firm contention that there will be no peace in the Middle East until an Israeli-Palestinian compromise is reached. And it does seem that Ned Lamont is one of our best hopes to that end. Even though I think Mr. Lamont is a huge improvement over the disgusting DINO, DLC lacky Lieberman, I think it's time politicians and candidates address in a straightforward manner the primary resentment on the Arab street of the unevenhand the U.S. has lent the Israeli's in their sad struggle with the Palestinians. It's not just Lieberman that must be stopped, it is the chickenhawk boy king we have for a president that must be disgarded. The main reason I respect Ned Lamont so much is that he speaks truth, as opposed to truthiness. That is why I want to hear from him on this most critical issue. The most important issue before us I believe, is to change direction in the Mideast. Lieberman's policies on the Israeli/Palestinian problem is the road to destruction. I believe Ned Lamont has shown in his pronouncements against the illegal Bush Iraq war, his determination to stand for principle. I just want to hear his views on solving the Palestinian and Israeli quagmire. I think it is a fair question. And I have a great deal of confidence that Lamont is very much up to addressing the issue.

MikeCT said...

CT Bob rocks! Thanks for the laughs and for your creativity.

Oklahoma kiddo said...

I saw on another blog that Ned Lamont is a teacher in public schools. Is that true? If so, what does he teach? I'm curios because I'm a public school teacher.

CT Bob said...

O.K. - Ned Lamont teaches a course about business at an inner-city high school in Bridgeport. By profession, he's a VERY successful businessman, but he still finds time to share his knowledge and experience with city school kids.

ctkeith said...

What a cast...................of charactors.

boadicea said...

Nice job on the cleanup. You have mad skilz, yo.

And YAY for including Annie in the credits.

CT Bob said...

Thanks; Annie was your suggestion!

boadicea said...

Well, yeah. 'Cuz I'm brilliant that way. ;)

Nice to know you big time bloggers still listen to the l'il peeps...

All kidding aside, you have a nice touch with the videos. Very good work.

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