Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My 250GB external drive will get here tomorrow!

I'm so frickin' excited!

You see, I do all my editing on a 2 year old Toshiba notebook, with a tiny little 40GB drive. Besides all the regular programs I have on it, I need some space for my video footage.

An hour of mini-DV tape usually takes up about 15GB, and on my best day, when I've dumped all the episodes of "The Sopranos" off of it, I rarely have more than 18GB available.

All the convention footage equals about 75GB...which means I can only edit one tape at a time, and some of the continuity suffers because of this. I'm constantly transferring and deleting video, which is time consuming and stupid. So I ordered this new drive.

Isn't it sexy? A 250GB, 7200 rpm, combo Firewire and USB external drive; delivered from Torrence, CA in two days, for $159 total. I found it by Googling "external drive firewire", and by sifting throught the results I got that killer price on it.

Jesus, but I DO love the Internets!