Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Day Democracy Died

Remembering the time twenty years ago when China reminded the world of who and what they are. Many people seem to have forgotten what happened in Tienanmen Square. I haven't.

I'm a huge sports fanatic, and I refused to watch a single second of last year's Olympic coverage from Beijing. Yes, it was a ridiculously minor sacrifice compared to those who put their lives and their personal freedom on the line to gamble for democracy. Many of them paid a very steep price indeed.

Today China is still as underhanded and overbearing as ever, but we don't seem to care if they continue selling us cheap (and toxic) goods and loan us money.

I won't forget what happened. The day they roll in voting machines instead of tanks, I'll think about forgiving them. But I won't forget.


Anonymous said...

Also East Berlin, Budapest, Prague and Warsaw in the 50's, 60's and 70's

CT Bob said...

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. The similarities are all too clear.

West Haven Bob said...

The silence from our little Anonymous socialist is deafening...

CT Bob said...

He's not a socialist; he's more of a dyed-in-the-wool communist.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

China's nothing compared to the crimes of Japan, which they've only recently downplayed while muttering some sort of apology for.

Further, the Chinese market is far more accessible to us than those in Japan.

Fly into China, hop into a Buick taxicab, drive past a McDonalds, two or three KFC's, and probably a Starbucks and a Walmart (where you could stop and pick up a pack of Camel cigarettes (the 1st US plant in China was theirs) on the way to the Hilton.

You won't have the same experience in Tokyo.

Considering the treatment of both nations towards our American manufacturers and exporters; should China ever decide it was time to "repay" Japan for their treatment - we should just stay out of it and let `em.

CT Bob said...

Yes, but Japan is now a democracy, and I'm fairly certain that they won't indulge in any crimes similar to what they did in WWII.

China, on the other hand, still brutally represses it's own people, and the people of other nations, and they represent a major threat to our nation's security in the coming decades. You can count on that.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>but Japan is now a democracy, and I'm fairly certain that they won't indulge in any crime

There is no Japanese word for "patent" thus they steal ours like crazy.

They've quietly subsidized their exporters (IE: Toyota, etc.) for decades making it impossible for our domestic manufacturers to compete as the playing field is far from level.

Head Skis, remember them?

The Japanese wouldn't allow them access to their market, yet we accept their products with open arms.

Toshiba paid millions in fines after they were caught dumping their CAT Scans here at a price 1000's below their own manufacturing cost (at the expense of US made GE devices).

We could reduce their consumer price for rice by over 50% but are blocked from doing so due to 6 Japanese rice tycoons. Each one descended from a Samurai - the Caste System is alive and well in Japan, make no mistake about it.

Let `em open their markets, or when China finally decides to go after them we should sit back and cheer.

Anonymous said...

Yes China does not respect human rights and yes it refuses to heed to the populace's desire (and right to) democracy.

But if China wasn't buying all of our debt and gov't bonds, how else would we afford Obama's fat, porky stiumuls package. Money doesn't grow on trees (though someone should remind Obama of that)