Monday, June 01, 2009

MN Supreme Court hears Coleman/Franken case

This morning, the case of the never-ending Senate contest up in the slowly-thawing northlands took another step towards the inevitable conclusion, when the Minnesota Supreme Court heard arguments from attorneys representing former Senator Norm Coleman (R) and Senator-elect Al Franken (DFL).

The hearing was brief, and Phoenix Woman at FireDogLake observed thusly:
UPDATE: 10:23 am CDT -- Well, it's done. The UpTake counted up the number of questions that were asked by the Justices to each side. The reason: In the US Supreme Court, a study has shown that the more questions Justices ask of a side, the more likely a side will lose. (The UpTake didn't count the questions asked during Norm's rebuttal.) Final count: Coleman 26, Franken 18. Furthermore, the judges were at times quoting from Team Franken briefs. I think we know where this is going.
As always, The Uptake ( provides live-streaming video converage (currently replaying this morning's events) and excellent commentary. Any time someone asks what sort of things video blogging can accomplish, I always point them to The Uptake's website.

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