Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dodd fills in for Ted on Health Care

Sen. Chris Dodd has been working tirelessly on the issue of health care reform, taking the helmsman's position left by Sen. Ted Kennedy, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

Matt Browner-Hamlin discusses the issue on his blog Hold Fast:
I know that Senator Dodd would want nothing more than for his dear friend Ted Kennedy to be healthy and driving healthcare reform himself from HELP (ed: Kennedy’s "Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions" Committee). But Dodd’s leadership in his absence has been tremendous and it’s good to finally see it recognized, if even in passing, by the Times (ed: NY Times article).

I think a landmark piece of healthcare legislation that includes a public health insurance option will pass this year. And when it does, its passage will only have been possible thanks to the hard work and dedication of Senator Chris Dodd to improve the lives of all Americans by ensuring they have the healthcare they need and deserve.
Sen. Dodd and the rest of the Democrats face a tough battle getting the legislation enacted. Republican obstructionists have sworn to oppose any attempt to pass meaningful health care; and pseudo-Democrats like Sen. Joe Lieberman have even gone beyond simple obstruction and vowed to block everything the Senate does unless they capitulate to his dearest wish, which basically protects those responsible for making the systematic torture of prisoners of war a matter of official United States policy!

Sen. Dodd faces all that, along with the specter of a vastly watered-down bill resulting from the feeble and inept Senate leadership by Sen. Harry Reid, who will likely go down in history as the weakest and lamest Majority Leader the Senate has seen in the modern era.

But we can all take heart in knowing that Chris Dodd is a fighter who will never back down from the catcalls of the opposition, and who indeed seems to gain strength from those who try to detract from the true business of the Senate, which is to serve the people of the United States.

Here's a reminder of what Sen. Dodd's job is:

Sen. Lieberman's job, apparently, is protecting war criminals! Shameful.


West Haven Bob said...

Dodd especially fights for the people who run payday triple-digit interest loan scams.

Until he disengages from that bunch, I can't get myself too worked up on his behalf.

Anonymous said...

Senator Dodd is doing important work fighting for health care reform at the national level.

Meanwhile, right here in Connecticut, Governor Rell has the opportunity to put Connecticut front and center in the push for quality, affordable health care -- while bringing much-needed federal money into Connecticut.

The SustiNet health care reform bill (now "Public Act 09-148"), which passed both chambers with strong majorities, will soon be on her desk. It would control costs, expand access and improve health. Business, labor, clergy and health providers are all on board.

The time to act is now. As we read in today's Courant(“Cost of Treating Uninsured Keeps Going Up” at, left unaddressed, the health care crisis in our state will only get worse.

To sign an on-line petition urging the governor to “do the right thing,” go to

CT Bob said...

Bob, we just got the first meaningful credit card reform enacted in many years. And he's still working on the remaining credit issues. Meanwhile, Sen. Dodd is fighting for you and everyone in Connecticut to help make health care attainable, affordable, and sustainable.

Do you honestly think Simmons (or Caliguri) are capable, or even inclined to do a single thing to solve the out-of-control health care problem we face?

West Haven Bob said...

"Do you honestly think Simmons (or Caliguri) are capable, or even inclined to do a single thing to solve the out-of-control health care problem we face?"

No, I don't. And you should know I will oppose them.

But I'm still very disappointed in Dodd, and I can't see my way to supporting him.

More's the pity.....I think we'll lose this seat due to a flawed candidate, and I see little hope.

CT Bob said...

Chris Dodd has signed on as a cosponsor of S.500: Protecting Consumers from Unreasonable Credit Rates Act of 2009. If that isn't enough to convince you that he really does have consumers' best interests at heart, I don't know what will.

West Haven Bob said...

My point stands: Dodd cannot afford to be seen as being in cahoots with this group, yet here's yesterday's op-ed from the Times:

I'm not suggesting that the GOP candidates are preferable; nor am I saying either Merrick or Pearson are causes to take up.

I'm merely saying that this activity is dispiriting and damaging. And you should hear what my non-political friends are saying....

CT Bob said...

Sorry, I didn't mean to come off as a bit strident.

In reality, there were some people from OLA there, but it wasn't an OLA event. And besides, Dodd is on the record being in favor of public financing, but he's going to have to raise money to combat the GOP noise machine's attacks in the meantime.

But you can bet that Dodd will probably distance himself from them in the future. And they'll pour their money into Simmons' coffers, just you watch!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Sen. Lieberman's job, apparently, is protecting war criminals! Shameful.

Highly speculative.

Also better than getting pardons for, and associating with known criminals as Dodd has apparently for years now.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Chris Dodd has signed on as a cosponsor of S.500: Protecting Consumers from Unreasonable Credit Rates Act of 2009.

Watch as the C & D credit markets dry up completely *or* credit card companies return (and with a vengeance) to wildly high annual "User Fees"

No one other than those that are either trying to bootstrap themselves up; or that due to any of a series of unforeseen events find themselves "on the ropes" so to speak, will be impacted what-so-ever.

Typical "we gotta protect these poor folks" attempt.
It will only harm those that it's targeted to help.

CT Bob said...

"Highly speculative."

Well, of course! I'm a blogger, after all...speculation is my bag!