Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sen. Dodd's speech at the JJB Dinner

Video from the Monday night Jefferson Jackson Bailey Dinner of Sen. Chris Dodd giving his remarks. More videos to follow soon...


West Haven Bob said...

Mozilo's indictment can only spell bad news for Dodd's comeback efforts.

No doubt the case will stir up memories of the loans he got, etc...especially as this case will surely drag into his re-election cycle.

It'll be interesting to see how Dodd handles this.

CT Bob said...

I don't think it's going to have much effect either way, except maybe to fire up the anti-Dodd GOPers, who have basically had it in for Dodd since, like, forever.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>who have basically had it in for Dodd since, like, forever.

Nothing like we do now.

While previously we found Dodd annoying, now we find him disgusting.

He used to be considered at least vaguely useful as his CT constituent service was the stuff of legend.

No longer the case - they don't even call back unionized state worker single minority mothers, a consistency one might consider natural for him).

There will be plenty of national party money for whoever winds up as his opponent this cycle too.

He should seek some nice appointment and get himself out of the crossfire; but his ego is simply too large for his own good; and that ego will cost the Democrats a seat that should have been considered "safe".

CT Bob said...

Hey ACR, how was the Prescott Bush dinner last night?

It turns out there was no wind, so our weekly race got canceled. I could have gone after all!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

CTBob asks: was the Prescott Bush dinner last night?

Great...I guess.
You should have gone, from Milford you might have made it there on time and then you could have told me all about everything I missed prior to when I finally arrived at 7:26

Considering I usually don't attend due to the lower Fairfield County venue; I was more than a little disappointed as I had taken an uncharacteristic interest this year, sold more than a table (below my goal of 4 - 6) my son even expressed an interest and showed up hours before my wife and did, he even bought a new suit (w/out any prompting from me at all) for the occasion.

For naught.
We arrived in time to see our salads being removed so they could serve dinner.

We missed every award presentation including the Futtner Award presented to Vinnie Nolan from Danbury, a fellow I've known for better than 3 decades and like a LOT.

All we caught was the tail end of the Lt. Governors speech and Newt himself.
The night concluded 80 minutes after we arrived.
I still had time to offend my favorite CTGOP employee, a 26 year old woman I simply adore (brainy, witty, work ethic of an 1800's immigrint.)
The evening was for me - a disaster resembling a train wreck.

I'd love to get that event moved out of the Stamford ghetto and back into someplace in Connecticut.
(Gotta lock your car? You're in the ghetto - we locals don't even bother to put our convertible tops up at the Aqua Turf as there's no reason to.)

I simply detest the drive and kowtowing to the nuevo WASP, arrogant, self-important lower Fairfield County stuffed shirts.
Good heavens what a horrible bunch.

They donate heavily however.
But it's interesting that the top 5 Connecticut zip codes for donating to the GOP are the same top 5 for the Democrats because they're obviously working both sides of the street.

CT Bob said...

Dammit, now I wish I went!

Next time be sure to tell them to NOT have it on a Thursday during sailing season...that's my racing night!