Friday, June 26, 2009

Saturday ProChoice House Party in Milford

(Photo from Jim Himes' primary victory party in 2008)

From My Left Nutmeg announcements page:

NARAL ProChoice House Party with the Sound of the Long Island Sound

Celebrating MLNer Mike Brown's election to the Board of Directors.

Please Join NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut at the home of Michael V. Brown and Tessa Marquis with a beautiful view of the Long Island Sound. High Tide is at 3:37PM.

To celebrate the acceptance of Mike Brown onto the Board of Directors of NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut and to learn about the organization.

"Dedicated to supporting the rights of girls and women for comprehensive and accurate health education, access to birth control and information resources, and preservation of the right to a safe and legal abortion when needed."

Suggested Donation: Only $20! ...or more if you can spare it.

Food and libations provided.

Phone: 203-878-8577

If you RSVP I will know how much food to cook!
67 Point Beach Drive
Milford, CT

When: 04:00 AM - 06:00 PM
(I think Tessa meant 4:00 PM, but if you want to show up at the crack of dawn, feel free! LOL!)

* * * UPDATE! * * *

Apparently, I'm a "snarky wildebeest"! (see comments)


tessa said...

Ha Ha you snarky wildebeest.

There is a glitch in the calendar function at MyLeftNutmeg where sometimes the time gets wonked up ( ...and that is as technical as I want to get about it!) and it flips from am to pm or sometimes changes the hour.

And of course, it will be interesting to see if we get protesters at my house, especially ay 4 in the morning!

Anonymous said...

Why does that guy have a t-shirt on his head and why is it on the back of another man?

CT Bob said...

Yeah Mike, what's with that?