Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still tweeting from Buffalo

Still stuck in Buffalo on a job. My grammar checker hates that sentence. Twitter is killing grammar as we know it. I think it’s 140 charact-


tessa said...

Remember Buffalo '66 by Vincent Gallo?
I am sure this clip will remind you of how uncomfortable you were during that film.

Better get back soon, before you go postal.

Charles said...

How can you tweet and blog at the same time??

Anonymous said...

Does this mean your now buffalo bob and if so who is howdy?

CT Bob said...

I treasure Buffalo 66 only because Vincent Gallo is such a ridiculously pompous ass that you can't help but love they guy! Brown Bunny was painful to sit through, however; except for that one scene with Chloe Savinghenighay or whatever the hell her French name is.

BTW, I'm dealing with lots of French Canadians right now. They're kind of obnoxious and smelly, even over the phone. I'm so ready to get the fuck outta this burgh.