Friday, June 12, 2009

Peter Schiff: proud to be a non-voter

Peter Schiff, another possible Republican challenger in the already crowded field of GOPers who hope to unseat Sen. Chris Dodd, has publicly admitted that he doesn't vote(!)

From Roll Call (via DailyKos):
In an interview with Roll Call, Schiff said he was new to politics and only recently registered as a Republican in Weston.

“I don’t know when the last time I voted was,” Schiff said. “You can’t blame me for any of the politicians. I didn’t vote for them.”
You're dead wrong, Mr. Schiff; you're EXACTLY the kind of person to blame if you are unhappy with your elected representatives!

You ARE the problem!

For a guy exploring a possible run for the Senate, he demonstrates the very antithesis of what a responsible voter should be! And he says so unashamedly!

I'm sure he'll be a big hit with the teabaggers and the anti-Dodd Republicans, because they've aptly shown their abdication of responsibility for the years of terrible leadership by Bush/Cheney that allowed all the excesses Congress is being forced to deal with today. But the FoxNews-sponsored so-called "populist anti-tax" movement is taking in lots of suckers and low-information voters (and non-voters, apparently) who can't think for themselves.

Oh yeah, one more thing...I remember another guy who didn't vote.

We all know how well THAT turned out for him!


Bob Symmes said...

He was on NPR - He scares me more than any of the rest. He seems to believe we should have let all the banks, etc. fail.

This is akin to chopping off one's head to cure a headache: it does indeed do the trick, but the side effects are "somewhat severe".

And the hits keep coming:

CT Bob said...

It's an easy opinion to make, because you can't ever be proven wrong; and it appeals to the dummies who think that the banks all should fail.

Bob Symmes said...

This sort of populist pandering can be used by either side's nutty fringe: that government is ALWAYS the answer, or - on the right's side - that government is ALWAYS the problem.

Neither is the eternal solution (because there isn't an eternal solution). Sometimes government is a problem, and sometimes it's an answer. And sometimes, it's both.

But, what Twilight Zone episode have we entered when the LIBERALS are arguing for the banks, and the CONSERVATIVES are arguing against?

CT Bob said...

LOL! Good point.

Anonymous said...

Is he the take all your money and buy gold guy?

Bob Symmes said...

No, he's the "let the Titanic sink" guy: he apparently thinks the government should have NO hand in the market...kinda like a 21st century Herbert Hoover (but with the Internet).

Anonymous said...

Silly libs, still in denial that it was government interference in lending and dictating to banks to lower lending standards that got us in to this mess in the first place. It's like you have no context to anything, the world began in 2000 when Bush got elected and he turned in on end all with the help of his buddy Cheny. You might want to turn off the cartoon channel for a minute.

Your buddies Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were out there demanding hands off Freddie and Fannie since they were they were being used as instruments to help poor folks buy homes. Great plan that turned out the be, huh?

Schiff makes complete sense to those who have any (libs not included) which is why so many on the left fear him.

CT Bob said...

You seem to have some valid opinions. Why don't you start your own blog? Might I suggest a title?

How about "My Right Teabag"?

Anonymous said...

That's right, liberals abhor contrary opinion. Don't worry though, I don't plan to hang out long in the CT Blob echo chamber. It doesn't look like anyone does either....

By the way, are the same "Crack Head Bob" of Howard Stern fame? Can't be since that Bob can hardly string two sentences together. Then again...