Thursday, February 08, 2007

Candidate theme songs

In this Daily Show clip from The Raw, Jon Stewart examines each candidate's middle-of-the-road pop song they're using for a campaign theme. And then there the "humble-off".


Fuzzy Turtle said...

that Vilsac story IS hard to top.. regardless of how you feel about him as a candidate, thats a pretty amazing story.

I had heard it before.. but from orphan to governor? and although he's not the strongest candidate, you have to love an underdog.

Maura said...

I found Vilsack's "ooh, poor me" story to be annoying and even offensive, even though I wanted to admire him for it.

Honestly, it struck me as really exploitative - like he was using his adoptive mother's alcoholism and drug addiction to earn admiration points.

It just felt inappropriately placed in this kind of speech. Maybe if he got interviewed by Barbara Walters and the conversation got into his childhood, it wouldn't have seemed quite so opportunistic of him to mention it.

As for the others, I really thought the whole team of them would break into a "It's a Hard Knock Life" skit together. It got ridiculous after a while. I was waiting for one of them to announce he was born in a cabbage patch, dumped in a dumpster, found by a crack whore, abandoned in the woods and raised by wolves. Wow! That guy really understands ordinary Americans! Let's vote for HIM!

Fuzzy Turtle said...

they were all guilty of the 'wow am I humble'.. he was just going with the trend.

and as far as I could tell, Vilsak's was the only truly unusual background. The rest were a NORMAL existence for most people so why even mention it?

better for him to mention his adoptive mother's shortcomings than a Karl Rove-like character digging it up later if he's nominated

Brian said...


I scrolled down to catch up on my Connecticut Bob reading and noticed that your site counter is about to reach one-quarter of a million visitors served.

You should take a moment to pat yourself and Kirby on the back, for all the valuable work you've done here.

CT Bob said...

Thanks Brian; yeah, it's been a busy 9 months since I started this blog...crazy at times, but a lot of fun. Kirby's awesome and absolutely deserves a lot of credit for the attention we've gotten. She's been sidetracked for a while, but I look forward to having her back to a regular posting schedule as soon as she's able.