Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ned live-blogging at FDL today!

Drop on over to Fire Dog Lake at 2PM (ET) this afternoon to join Ned Lamont in a live-blogging session.

UPDATE: The live session is now over, but you can still read the entire session at this link. Ned raised some good points, but I dunno, he seemed a little swarmed by all the questions coming in at once. I don't know if he had someone typing in his responses, or if he did it all himself. If he did his own typing, it might explain why he didn't get to some of the questions.

Of course, we all wanted to know if he'd run against Congressman Chris Shays (R-4) in '08, but I didn't expect him to answer that today. Hopefully we'll be able to wheedle it out of him during our hard-hitting in-depth interview next month.

And for those who haven't yet seen my video of Ned's "Thank You" party (taped a month ago), here it is:


Anonymous said...

Several times there is a gap of about six minutes between Ned's responses. OK, other times as little as three. Two minutes to read three or four questions and pick one, two minutes to rattle off an answer and have it typed in... what was going on the other two minutes? I assumed someone was running the Interned. It was slow. CHS suggested that the "guest" might come back to answer other questions later. Did that happen?

Anonymous said...

I thought this session included a Breaking Scoop! Ned quoted Lieberman after the Primary referring the halftime, but said he was a hockey fan so the Primary and Election are only the first two periods. Is this not a strong hint of intentions for 2012 rubber match?