Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why I'll wait to install Windows Vista

"O&A party rock!" - Anthony Cumia of the CBS/XM radio show "Opie & Anthony" shows how to load Vista.


Fuzzy Turtle said...

Opie and Anthony? Puhlease.
these men are idiots.

If he's so antiWindows, why isnt he using Linux????

Easy to shred an o/s disk when it belongs to the company, right?

they're no Howard.

CT Bob said...

LOL! Stern is like Lieberman; they both should have retired years ago!

Colin Urban said...

Have you given any thought to perhaps switching to linux?

It certainly costs less.

CT Bob said...

I hadn't thought about Linux myself; personally, Win XP is working great for me and I don't see a need to change. I just thought the video was funny and posted it because I've had similar problems with upgrading Windows in the past.

Heck, I still run Win 98 on my desktop, and it works fine.

ctblogger said...


Whatever you do, PLEASE don't install Vista. It's simply a waste of time and is unstable. Hell, Windows98 is still probably the most widely used operating system in the country.

As for Linux, it's by far the best operating system out there AND it's open source (which is cool). I own a Mac and the operating system is based off Linux.

Stick with XP.

ctblogger said...

...and stop dissing Howard. Without him, there would be no opie and anthony.


CT Bob said...

LOL! This is great; in a single post I managed to annoy all the Windows users AND all the Stern fans!

Yes, Stern did a lot for talk radio in the old days. I was a huge Stern fan since '85, but I got really tired of his whining and his bullshit. The show peaked back in the '90's when Billy West was a regular. After seeing what Stern did to West, then to his wife Alison, and then to Jackie Martling, I got sick of him. The man knows nothing about loyalty or being truthful. That's why he reminds me of Joe Lieberman.

O&A might not be for everyone, but I find them refreshing after hearing Howard and Robin for so many years. Game over, man.