Friday, February 16, 2007

So it passed...big deal!

In the annals of "straw votes", this one may be considered the all-time winner.

A vote that means essentially nothing, one that Bush won't listen to, and yet was hotly contested at that, was approved by the House.

The vote on the nonbinding measure was 246-182.

Big whoop!

Listen, I'm happy it passed. We can use it as a "hit-list" to oust those Republicans in '08 that voted against it. They bought themselves a scarlet letter they'll have to wear come election time next year. So, yeah, for just that, this vote was worthy.

Other than that, we'll still have American soldiers dying every day in a hell-hole created by George Bush; we'll still be sure to erode our nation's standing in the world; and of course, we'll still be borrowing money to pay for the $2.5 billion dollars a WEEK this stupid war costs, and we'll pass that burden onto our children to pay off.

The only REAL resolution that matters is the one that spells out a clear plan to extricate us from George's mess and perhaps begin to repair the damage we've done.

Maybe someday our leaders will take up THAT cause, and we'll end this state of perpetual war that somehow is seen as payback for 9/11.
Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, told business leaders at a "Politics and Eggs" breakfast in Bedford that he believed the non-binding resolutions wouldn't do much to change Iraq.

"This was debating about debating," said Dodd. "The fact is we need a new policy in Iraq and none of these resolutions do that."
Amen, Senator.


matty wags said...

Great, so the newspaper headlines will go:

Saturday: "House Rejects Bush War Policy"
Sunday: "Senate Sustains Bush War Policy"

I don't think we got the better end of this deal, somehow.

Maura said...

I blame Joe Lieberman.


(Totally agree, Bob.)

MikeCT said...

Amen. Until they vote to force withdrawal, not just against escalation, they are pro-war to me.