Monday, February 05, 2007

Just like being there

For many years, I've been a huge fan of political intrigue.

Ever since I was 14 and watched the Watergate hearings televised during the dismal summer of 1973 on my 13" black and white TV, I've been interested in political trials and hearings.

I watched the Iran-Contra hearings, the Clinton impeachment, the Iraqi War Crimes trials (OK, that last one won't happen for several years, but we'll see W finally have to answer for his atrocities).

Sadly, the Scooter Libby trial isn't being televised.

But the amazing folks over at Fire Dog Lake are taking the initiative in covering this trial. They've put together a team of some of the most talented bloggers and commentators on the internet.

They're live-blogging from the courtroom and the media room, providing fascinating summaries of the action and testimony with informed commentary. For someone like me who's working full-time during the day, it's become a daily fix for me to read the latest FDL coverage of this significant trial.

Visit FDL and check out the articles, like this one from earlier today that covered Libby's Grand Jury testimony.

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