Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Jailed Blogger hits record

Here's what might have happened to Ken Krayeske if he'd been carrying a video camera instead of a Nikon.

From this story in CNet News:
SAN FRANCISCO--Dozens of supporters of jailed freelance video blogger Josh Wolf gathered at City Hall here Tuesday to rally for Wolf's release.

Those attending the demonstration held up signs with the words "Free Josh," and speakers were insistent on the unfairness of his imprisonment. Ross Mirkarimi, a San Francisco supervisor, said he was "angry as hell about this" and called for a "serious outcry, and not just only by us." In a statement, California state Assemblyman Mark Leno, who did not attend the rally, called Wolf's plight a "travesty of justice."


On August 1 (2006), Wolf, 24, was jailed for contempt of court for refusing to cooperate with a federal grand jury seeking unpublished footage he shot during a 2005 protest that turned violent. Wolf was released on bail a month later while his appeal was being considered. But a three-judge panel rejected the appeal and revoked bail.

Wolf might normally be protected by California's Shield Law. But federal prosecutors, who want to see if Wolf's footage shows a San Francisco police car being set on fire at the protest, say they have jurisdiction over the case because the car was paid for in part by federal dollars. While many states have enacted shield laws to protect journalists from revealing confidential sources, notes and unpublished materials, there is no federal shield law to protect Wolf.
Josh Wolf has set the record for the longest-held journalist under contempt, for not turning over his tapes.

Obviously, this story has major implications for anybody with a video camera and a blog. Here in Connecticut, I thought this kind of thing was unlikely to ever happen.

And then Governor Rell's parade happened.

So now, it's apparent that we live in a state where our leaders can target specific "troublemakers", and the police are given lists and photos of those targeted individuals, who haven't committed any crime other than exercising their right to dissent.

And they may be thrown in jail for just showing up!

Click this video link to see Josh explain his stance at a press conference.

And if you see me at a public event with my video camera, please DON'T break the law right in front of me.

Because if you do, I'll roll over on you so fast it'll make your head spin!

Hey, summer is coming and I refuse to spend ANY of it in jail to protect your dumb ass!


ifthethunderdontgetya said...

This is O/T to your subject, Bob, but take a look.

Bush and Lieberman, 3000 A.D.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

On one hand: The press should not be expected to act as an arm of the law.

OTOH: Judy "neocon" Miller... But being a propagandist should disqualify her from the rights of being a journalist IMHO.

imajoebob said...

Be careful. I'll bet you're on Joe's list. Right at the top after Chris Dodd and Ted Kennedy.