Saturday, February 17, 2007

The rolling Kucinich interview

NOTE: Youtube seems to be having trouble with this video, I've uploaded it to I may switch to Daily Motion for all my videos if Youtube keeps having problems.

I knew Google would find a way to screw up a good thing!

In my never-ending quest to bring you new and unique interview videos, today I recorded a conversation with Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich (with the help of Greenpeas and minivan driver Dave) while driving from La Guardia airport to Westport.

This video has Dennis answering our questions about the latest resolution on the war, and other pressing issues. Dennis may also have saved my life at one point in the video, but you'll have to watch and decide if that's truly the case.

Later today (Sunday) I'll post our exclusive "rolling interview" with Elizabeth Kucinich, and will follow that with some highlights from Dennis's press conference in the Westport Library.


harriet said...

Love the video and interview (even the self-promotion) and so happy you all arrived safe! Did you wonder for a split second if the car without breaklights was some undercover agent?

"The world is one" -- if Kucinich becomes the next President with that message that would definitely tell us what kind of nation we really are! Something tells me that's an awfully tall order for 2008!

Fuzzy Turtle said...

I so always agree with what the lil'dude says.. he would be teh COOLEST PRESIDENT EVER! And he can stand on his head.

You have to support him him, he saved you with that 'life grip!' you are pwned. you are HIS!

my two cents.. ditch the music.. it's kinda hokey. How about this?

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

CT Bob said...

Yeah, I deliberately selected hokey music for the piece. It's much more a reflection of my state of mind than of Dennis and Elizabeth's. I'm just happy to have arrived in Westport in one piece!

Sellitman said...

Great job. It was nice meeting all youDFA folks. I joined and posted my pictures on the site. Go check it out.



cgg said...

Poor Dennis looks and sounds exhausted. I'm sad that I couldn't make it to see him. Thanks for the video Bob.

Carter said...

Bob, I loved the video. Really great job. I wish more media followed your style. I even got a kick out of the music.

That said, I do have one minor issue. I watch with headphones on as to not disturb others around me. The audio was low and only on one channel during the interview portions. I had to crank up the audio to hear the interview. Then suddenly I got belted with the transition sound effect (much higher audio level and in stereo). I took the headphones off after that, ouch! Other than some slight hearing loss, I enjoyed watching as usual.

CT Bob said...

Ah, yeah, that makes sense, Carter. When I record using my hand held mic, it only goes into the left channel. But the sound effects are in stereo, so they blast through both speakers. I don't really notice playing back on my notebook PC because the speakers are built-in only a foot or so apart.

Sorry about that. I'll see if my editing program allows playing the audio on both tracks, which would even out the volume. Part of the problem is that I tend to rush these things into an uploadable form, because it's news and I really don't have much time to tweak things like audio levels.

But I'll try to make it better for headphones; I'll see how it sounds in mine before I upload it.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

Great Interview... And I liked the music! lol Too bad about YouTube. I am subscribed to you and my other favourite video Bloggers there. Makes it easy to keep track of what is new and available.

CT Bob said...

Thanks. If Youtube stops screwing up, I'll continue having them host my videos. But I'm also crossposting them to DailyMotion.Com for now. I simply want the damn things to play when you click on the start button. We'll see how it goes.

tessa said...

Good job, Good job.
Thank you Bob.

David A. Stevenson said...

Thank you Tessa - and all the Tessa's in our great state of Connecticut - who provide Sal and I and Bob and the rest of us with ample motivation to take our country back.

Yes. I want my country back !