Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Even more like being there

Because now, you can actually WATCH people talking about the Scooter Libby trial.

Jane from Fire Dog Lake (looking fabulous, I'm happy to say) and the always spot-on Swopa from Needlenose take a few minutes to summarize yesterday's trial events on PoliticsTV.

I'm really enjoying the many videos by PoliticsTV available both from their website and on Youtube (search "Politicstv"). These guys are doing the kind of journalism that I truly think is going to be an integral part of the political landscape.

The biggest question of the trial is whether Dick Cheney will be called to testify or not. My guess is he won't; Libby's boat is so full of holes that Cheney stepping aboard with a caulking gun ain't gonna make much difference, except that Dick might end up going down with the boat. I'd be amazed if he was called.

And will Lewis "Scooter" Libby testify in his own behalf? It looks like the replayed Grand Jury testimony is hurting his chances, but there might not be much to be gained by his testifying except perhaps additional perjury charges in the future.

Take some time and read Fire Dog Lake for their phenomenal coverage of this crucial trail. We might be seeing the first step in bringing this administration to accounts.

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Fuzzy Turtle said...

Agent scully... HA! And that photo of Cheney always cracks me up, he looks constipated, or as if his daughter just announced she's gay...

if regular TV was this consise, I'd actually watch it.

thx for sharing.