Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Politics TV promotes the Kucinich interviews

It's nice to see a resource such as PoliticsTV.Com run a video I made. The message is getting out there about Kucinich, and hopefully the MSM will begin to see there's more to this field of Democratic hopefuls than Barack or Hillary (or even Dodd, for that matter).

Link to their Politics TV post is here.


cgg said...

That's awesome Bob. As you know I was a huge Kucinich supporter/volunteer in '04. And I still have a soft spot for the guy. No one else would dare frame the debate like Dennis does.

tessa said...

As the younger set says: "You Rock!"

Though I am trying to stay a bit distant from the Prez race right now, I appreciate your research and reportage and count on it to keep me informed about the human side of politics.

HouseofPolitics said...

That's pretty cool.

I will check out the site.

houseofpolitics.com - political forum

harriet said...

Bob, I rewatched this video and I am so impressed with Elizabeth Kucinich even more. I truly wish she could be our next President, but I will definitely take her as our First Lady! Thank you so much in doing this wonderful, insightful interview!

CT Bob said...

Thanks, Harriet, but it was all Elizabeth on there...I just held the camera and taped her talking. She's an incredibly focused and compassionate young woman. Interviews like hers are very easy for me; I don't have to worry about being interesting! LOL!