Monday, February 12, 2007

We need more Anna Nicole news!

I've been searching all over the media for news about Anna Nicole, and I can't seem to find any! I mean, golly gee! How can the media overlook such an important story as Ms. Smith's untimely demise?!?

Sorry about that little outburst.

I can't help but think the world is hurtling toward chaos when I see the amount of coverage dedicated to a drunken hillbilly girl who died suddenly, and yet I have to freakin' dig all over to find out the latest American casualty figures in Iraq. This is what the MSM has become. Tabloid news.

Somehow, I can't picture Walter Cronkite spending even a millisecond of his time being concerned with someone like Anna Nicole Smith when thousands of Americans are at risk in an intolerable war. The man knew what was important.

He had priorities.

...and class!

I miss Uncle Walter's kindly, concerned, reassuring visage. I really do.


Anonymous said...

Whats funnier is Bill O'Reily spends a good 10 minutes her a night...sad really sad

Fuzzy Turtle said...

Whats funnier is Bill O'Reily spends a good 10 minutes her a night. This does not surprise me. To O'Reilly she was the perfect woman.. big boobs and medicated/sedated beyond comprehension.

and yes it's all over the damn tv. Isn't there a war going on? And arent' bombs going off in Bikfaya (Lebanon)?

Technically I'm not sure the late Ms Smith was a hillbilly. Isnt she from east Texas? That's more lowlands.

CT Bob said...

Yes, she's from Houston. That's worse than being a hillbilly!


Scarce said...


You ignorant slut.

CT Bob said...

Heh heh...Blitzer doesn't have the foggiest notion when it comes to improvisation. The depth of his humorlessness is amazing.

Sue123 said...

I don't remember you asking me to sign a release for this pic.

Anonymous said...

Something had to get that Freakin Racehorse out of the headlines.