Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kucinich appears in Westport, Norwalk

Today Presidential candidate and Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) made public appearances in Westport and Norwalk, before heading up to the University of Connecticut and on to New Hampshire. Visit for more info on the candidate.

I was lucky enough to ride in the van that picked up the candidate at La Guardia, and had nearly an hour to interview him and his wife Elizabeth before arriving at the Westport home of Democratic activist Sal Liccione.

Accompanying me was Dave Stevenson (driving), Norwalk Common Council candidate Mike Geake, and MLN poster Greenpeas.

After finally locating the candidate, we piled back into the van for the trip to Westport. Greenpeas and I spent the entire ride interviewing Dennis and Elizabeth. Remarkably, we survived Dave's driving, and arrived at Sal's apartment for a meeting with bloggers and online participants.

Kucinich spent a good 1/2 hour answering questions before going across the street for a press conference at the Westport Library, much to the grumbling of some of the mainstream media who were waiting impatiently while the candidate spoke to us bloggers.

Hey guys...get used to it!

Anyway, I shot nearly 2 hours of video, and I'll get some of it online tomorrow and the rest on Monday. There's a lot of material to sort through.

Oh, and on a completely different topic, I bet Dave Stevenson $40 that Rudy Giuliani WOULDN'T get nominated by the Republicans for President. I couldn't believe he'd take a sucker bet like that! The only sad part is that I'll have to wait until September 4th next year to collect!

UPDATE: I accepted Dave's offer to raise the bet to 80 bucks. That'll pay for a lot of videotapes and a helmet (for when Dave drives.)


Fuzzy Turtle said...

did he know you were in the photo or did you just sneak up behind him... ^_^

can't wait to see the video.

CT Bob said...

I know, it looks like I creeped into the picture! Believe it or not, they actually posed with me.

MikeCT said...

Come on, we know that was Photoshopped!

CT Bob said...

If it was, I would have made myself taller...and thinner.

David A. Stevenson said...

That will be the easiest $40. I'll ever make, Bob. The Rethuglicans are chomping at the bit for any candidate who has a chance to win - even if that candidate is a faux "pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-multiple co-inciding marriages" . . . . .um, fascist !

Care to raise that bet to $80. dollars ?

The only easier bet I'll ever have with you is about my real name, which is David A. Stevenson . . . . as mu DFA blog friends will attest to - lol.

Seriously - it was a pleasure to spend all that time in the car with you yesterday - even though you and greenpeas didn't appreciate my favorite hip-hop polotical group - Arrested Development ( c. 1992 ).

David A. Stevenson said...

BTW, I drive much better with music on . . . . . so pleassssseee, everything in context !

At any rate, excellent questions Bob and excellent responses, Dennis and Elizabeth !

CT Bob said...

You're on, Dave! $80 it is!

And you can pay me when Rudy drops out...I'm sure he won't make it past Super Tuesday.

Thanks for driving I feel bad for inserting that "tire screech" sound effect into the video. You didn't really lock 'em up.

Hee hee.

IC said...

Bob, spend the 80 now, collect next year. It's a guarantee.