Monday, February 19, 2007

Interview with Elizabeth Kucinich

Besides interviewing Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) ( during the hour long ride to Westport, we also asked his wife Elizabeth Kucinich about her experiences working in India with Mother Theresa's charity at age 18; her first meeting with Dennis; the differences between the British and American versions of "The Office"; the D.C. "status quo"; and the possibility that lasting peace can be achieved in the world.

Elizabeth is a "citizen of the world" in the truest sense of the phrase, and she brings a unique perspective to the discussion that she is more than willing to share with us.

...and I promise that at no time during this interview do we nearly rear-end a Jeep with broken tail lights!


cgg said...

Can we elect Elizabeth instead?

David A. Stevenson said...

Package deal - however, I think this will be the election cycle where spouses will be more important than ever before - whether they be potential "First Lady" or potential "First Bill".

Dennis and Elizabeth have different delivery styles - and are both extremely intelligent. What a refreshing change ! I look forward to many future interviews with Elizabeth and the press - both the mainstream media and the better media - bloggers like CTBob.

Thanks again Elizabeth and Dennis - and thank you, CTBob !

CT Bob said...

cgg - Elizabeth's amazing, isn't she?

Dave - Probably "first mate" will be an issue in the presidential race. I like how Dennis and Liz think of themselves as a team. Together they really bring a lot to the table.

And thanks again for driving. I can't seem to stop with the jokes about it, though.

harriet said...

Bob, this interview is invaluable! I wish every news media would take the time to listen and report on her and Dennis as you just did. The voters should be given these kinds of indepth reports instead of the stupid stuff we get! I think this is the very reason why blogs are becoming more important than MSM! Thank you! I still keep thinking what a wonderful nation we would be if only they were front runners in this race! Besides being totally intelligent, articulate she is an amazing and beautiful person, inside and out!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Elizabeth truly is extraordinary! Why haven't we seen her before? I do hope we start to see more of her. They should start booking her on shows like Oprah. She would be a natural for Oprah. I was glad to see that the interview is on the Kucinich website.

She even makes Dennis look cute. I liked the fact that he didn't interrupt her even once until the very end and then only to sing her praises.

Jill said...

She has a very bright future. I wish her well. Thanks so much for doing this. (Native of CT, now living outside Cleveland - not in Kucinich's district)