Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fox Attacks

UPDATE: By popular demand, I added a new image below.

"Fair and balanced" my ass!

Smear politics is something we're sadly becoming all too used to, but for an entire TV network to engage in a systematic and coordinated attack on a presidential candidate is outrageous. There's something terribly un-democratic about this kind of corporate-sponsored TV terrorism. I'm talking, of course, about Fox News.

It may be time to fight back.

Now, I wouldn't ever suggest anyone doing anything that would be illegal, but wouldn't it be ironic (not to mention somewhat funny) for average citizens on the street to hold up signs that says "Fox News Lies" every time a Fox camera was shooting something live?

How about in front of that stupid window for that dumb show "Fox & Friends"? Seems like a nice place to start. After all, "fair and balanced" means you should be subject to the same kind of criticism that you dish out. And if you print your message on the back of a "Ned Lamont" sign, you'll receive extra credit!

And the sign below works good, too, don't ya think? Now THAT'S "fair and balanced!"

Can ya take it, Fox? Huh? Can ya?

And filmmaker/activist Bob Greenwald has been keeping busy with his new website Fox Attacks.Com and the video below that takes a look at how Fox News has already started its deliberate and calculated smear campaign against Barack Obama. Awful.

Really, these people at Fox are beyond despicable. Rupert Murdoch is easily the worst thing that's ever happened to American TV journalism.

UPDATE: Scarce and Matt Browner-Hamlin over at MLN have each posted an article that also covers the Fox Attacks story.


Carter said...


My private way of showing my displeasure with Fox Noise has been to remove the channel from every TV that I come in contact with.

Most modern TV's have a way to add or erase a channel. So now, when I drop by a friend or relatives house I make a point out of deprogramming the TV. It only takes a few seconds and I promise your life will be better for it. If everyone removed the channel the hate filled network would not exist.

Carter said...

p.s. Now if there were a way to replace the channel with Bob TV....


Fuzzy Turtle said...

a classic moment in television :)

you should really take a peek.

Whoever that guy is.. I love him (NO NOT COLMES THE OTHER GUY)

CT Bob said...

That's the same guy as in my picture, but I don't know if that Daily Show image has been digitally doctored; I've only seen this guy with the "Fox News Lies" sign.

Fuzzy Turtle said...

naw.. that's him.

here's a post from his blog

hes out of control... but I like'em a little crazy!!!

CT Bob said...

You're right, it's him. Cool! "Out of control" is sort of what we can use right now from our side. Within reason, of course.

Anonymous said...

C'Mon, let'ssee it one more time... "Hannity Sucks Ass!"

Anonymous said...

Oh, just followed the tiny link.
Don't even suggest this was a Daily Show stunt! The guy MUST have been a loyal local Lamonteer! I know we have it in us!

CT Bob said...

He was a Lamont supporter; both images were taken in the ballroom on Primary Night. I posted the "hannity sucks" image.

Anonymous said...

I love the first post deprogramming friends and neighbors TV's. The country needs to be deprogrammed. If we could only get any of the MSM to go back to REAL REPORTS. Instead we get regurgitated crap from Tony Snow reported.

CT Bob said...

I like that idea too, except for one thing: I'd be pissed if someone made it so I couldn't watch "The Simpsons"! D'oh!

Anonymous said...

for an entire TV network to engage in a systematic and coordinated attack on a presidential candidate is outrageous.

Couldn't agree more. With Bush in the WH, Network TV should engage in a systematic and coordinated attack on the president, not waste precious air time on a mere candidate.

CT Bob said...

It's not a TV network's place to decide to attack either a candidate OR an elected official. What a news organization SHOULD be doing is REPORTING the news, not creating lies.

Bush is ridiculously unpopular because of his ACTIONS, not because of network news' lies about him.

oldswede said...

Being powerlessly addicted to conspiracy theories as I am, I wonder about the big thaw in the relationship between the Clintons and Rupert the Morlock last year. Here's a link to a Financial Times article about this:

The FT describes an "assiduous courtship" by the Clintons culminating in a fund-raiser by Rupee for Hillary. Maybe she asked for some help with her Obama problem.

oldswede said...

Oops, the URL got chopped. My first post here and I didn't realize there was no word wrapping.
A quick google search on "Hillary Clinton" "Rupert Murdoch" and "Financial Times" will bring up the article. Worth a read before this goes down the memory-hole.

CT Bob said...

FYI your URL made it ok...when a line goes off the right margin in Blogger comments, you can drag the right side of the window out to make it wider and display the entire line.

It only took me two years to figure that out!