Saturday, February 03, 2007

Lieberman says No to VP run

In this story in the Hartford Courant (h/t to TParty), Joe Lieberman is asked about his future plans, vis a vis running for VP (or even P).
He calls himself an independent, though he remains a member of the Senate Democratic caucus, giving it a one-vote majority. He publicly flirts with voting Republican for president in '08 - prompting speculation he might join Republican Sen. John McCain on a fusion ticket.

"No, that's not going to happen," Lieberman said Friday on his way into Ollie's. "My days of seeking national office are over. I'm very happy, particularly after what I went through last year to be the senator from Connecticut. I want to do the best job I can at that."
Now, we all know Joe's track record when it comes to him keeping promises. "Dismal" is a word that springs to mind.

But I think we need to look deeper into Joe's psyche and examine what he's really saying here.

First, Joe usually doesn't tell an obvious lie on purpose. What I mean is that Joe has always been a lawyer at heart, and he retains the sharp mind of an experienced litigator. He knows how to phrase his words so that they sound like one thing, but really mean something else. Or he crafts his statements to give him an "out", should he need it.

He's a clever S.O.B., but we all know that. How else could a politician recover from contradicting every single statement he made when he first ran for the Senate, like his claims that "three terms is plenty" and "my opponent missed 400 votes" when Joe himself easily missed MORE than that in less time? How can a guy in a blue state like Connecticut recover from being the only senator ever kissed by the singularly least-popular world leader since Czar Nicholas?

Because he's clever. Devious, too.

But hey, it's served him well all these years. He's got the survival instincts of a sewer rat, which is an animal that will viciously and irrevocably turn on its friends if threatened at all. 2006 will be remembered as the year that Joe lost while winning. His pyrrhic victory will forever brand his legacy as a turncoat and a grasping, ambitious politician who cares only for himself.

Getting back to his statement, Joe said his "...days of seeking national office are over." What's interesting is what he doesn't say. Partly because nobody asked him.

The question I'd like to hear him answer is this:

"Will you serve out your full term in the Senate?"

Because that's the question that really matters. Will Joe forego a VP run on the doomed "Unity 08" ticket because he's hoping to catch a prestigious appointment as Sec. of State or maybe UN Ambassador?

Think about this for a minute. If Joe quietly serves his 6 years and retires, he'll be remembered as the sorest loser of all time. He'll be considered a Bush lackey and cheerleader, a lapdog to the man who stole his ambitions. I doubt that his ego could accept such an ignominious legacy.

So maybe he'll parlay his continued support of Bush into a final couple years in a high profile post, and simultaneously give the Senate back to the Republicans by resigning and letting Gov. Jodi "You're gonna be on my list too, CT Bob" Rell appoint his replacement.

That would be the ultimate "fuck you!" to the Democrats, who so brutally humiliated him in the primary and who now deserves to suffer all the pain that they inflicted upon his fragile self-image.

Only then would Joe Lieberman feel vindicated.

Never doubt for a minute the motivating power of pure vengence.


s p a z e b o y said...

By scarce you mean tparty, no?

CT Bob said...

Oh yeah, sorry! I'll fix it.

libhom said...

The fanatical support of John McCain for the debacle in Iraq makes him pretty much unelectable in 2008. I am not aware of any other Republican that there has been much talk of Lieberbush running with.

Scarce said...

Scarce is omniscient. All Hail the Great Scarce.

noneed4thneed said...

I think Joe knows that if he doesn't start doing his job, CT Democrats will run a strong, well-funded candidate against him and he will lose next time around.

Anonymous said...

What I would like to know is what are his poll numbers in CT now?? ARe the folks that voted for him getting upset???

CT Bob said...

I honestly think Joe won't run for Senate again. If he finishes his term without taking another post, he'll simply retire.

It's his ego that wouldn't let him quit by being defeated; he'll go out on his own terms, and the Democratic primary voters be damned.

So the poll numbers don't really affect him one way or another. He'll be able to retire having never been defeated in a general election...but he'll also have the terrible smell of a poor loser haunting his legacy a long time after he's gone, like a rotting corpse that somebody forgot to bury.

CT Bob said...

And to "scarce" above, I know you're not the "Scarce" who posts on MLN or puts up all those great Youtube videos. You lack his cleverness.

Scarce said...

Do not arouse the wrath of the great and powerful, Scarce.

ifthethunderdontgetya said...

Greg Sargent has a post about Dangerstein's latest blubberings.

CT Bob said...

"scarce" - LOL!

Thunder - Gerstain is possibly the most deluded quasi-Republican mouthpiece and apologist since Tony Snow. He's taken complete leave of his senses.

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CT Bob said...

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Oh for fuck's sake, I wish you asshole spammers would take your keyboards and cram them all up your collective asses.


I have to delete 5 or 6 of these stupid robo-spams a day. Because of you fucktards I'm going to have to implement that goddamned word verification thing that I hate.

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(I don't regret that nastly little outburst, but I do want to apologize for making you use word verification. You'd think fucking Google could figure out a way to prevent this kind of bullshit thing without everyone having to type "ZFTH5W" to post a comment!)

Fuzzy Turtle said...

ah the old prostitute anchor link.

that's what got Julie Amero in so much trouble...!! ^_^

I shouldn't joke.. I just have no idea why she didnt TURN THE DAMN COMPUTER OFF.

I don't think she's guilty necessarily.. just guilty of really poor judgement.

Anonymous said...

There will be no "next time" for Lieberman. He's finished. He's a done-deal. Because of the stringent collegiality rules in the senate, Lieberman is treated undeservedly decent. He has a good life, with all the luxuries that being a member of the senate offers. He no longer has any privilege in CT. He plum wore out his welcome. The clock is ticking, Joe.

Anonymous said...

Is there a recall process in CT?

Because if there is I would bet you could develop a "we were deceived by Joe" line of reasoning that would get attention of ct-ians...

This is just first thought of this... maybe it won't work at all.

Just a thought.

CT Bob said...

There's no recall process in ANY state for US Senators. They have to be impeached by the Senate, just like the President.

Only state officials, like Governors, can be recalled. Once Joe was elected, his future was secured. He can now break every fucking promise he ever made and laugh at us while doing it.